Weaving my way through motherhood whilst trying not to mess up adulthood.

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I am a proud Mumma to a little princess( Lei who is 8 )  I juggle working full-time whilst making up dance routines, reading an endless supply of bedtime stories and attempting to tackle the school run with my eyebrows always filled in.

I share reviews and observational musings

I have a pick 'n' mix relationship with music,crave my food spicy, love connection with books , ultimate beauty lover and a desire to travel the world with my family by my side.

Follow me on my journey through motherhood whilst I dodge the arrows of adulthood with laughter, tantrums and flair.

I am PR friendly and love receiving emails about collaborations, reviews or just to tell me about your day. My email address is: jadepriscillablog@gmail.com

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Instagram: jadepriscilla
Twitter: jadepriscillax

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