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How To Plan An Amazing Road Trip adventure


Have you planned your summer vacation yet? It’s that time of year again when the first signs of Spring lead us to think about holidays. Often it’s hard to decide on a holiday destination that suits all members of the family. This is certainly the case if you have young children, or even worse teenagers! Finding a holiday that ticks all the boxes can seem like an impossibility.

There are so many places to visit in the world and you have so little time. To try and cover as much ground as possible, why not consider planning a road trip for your next vacation? You could take in places that all the family want to visit and stay in different styles of accommodation to suit all tastes. If your teens want to stay in a busy city, factor in a couple of nights followed by a couple of nights out in the countryside.

Plan your route

This is an enjoyable part of the planning process. Try to decide on a route that ticks all the boxes, then break down the route into doable distances. You don’t want to spend the whole of your holiday driving, you will want to spend time visiting areas of interest. Some stops may benefit from being more than one night, depending on the number of places you want to visit whilst there. Some stops will be a brief stopover to break up long driving distances. Try to allow a little flexibility, as best laid plans do have a habit of going awry on occasions.
If planning the route from scratch feels a little daunting you could follow a tried and tested route and adapt it to your individual requirements, for example route 66 and highway 61.
Decide whether your trip is going to loop so that you end up where you started or finish at a separate destination. It will be important to factor in flights.

Plan where to stay

Some of the more famous tried and tested road trip routes may experience more visitors to the hotels along route, than a “create your own” trip.  It is therefore a good idea to book your accommodation ahead rather than just turning up. You could stay in a mixture of lodgings including campsites, rental properties or hotels and motels, such as the Indianapolis Marriott North. You could even do the whole trip whilst travelling and sleeping in a motorhome or campervan.

Create amazing memories

Road trips are holidays full of adventure and experiences. You will want to remember every detail when you get home. To do this ensure you document every place you visit by video, photographs or writing a journal. You could even blog about your travels, which will be sure to be of interest to others.
Remember the essentials

Don’t forget to pack all documentation, including driving licenses, passports and insurance details. Take a credit card, which will provide protection whilst hiring a car, in fact many car hire companies require you to have a credit card as standard.

Finally, relax and enjoy your trip! 

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