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Who needs tough skin when you can have beautiful skin

How do you feel in your skin? That’s a question you might ask yourself from time to time – more often when you’re having a bad day, admittedly. But how does your skin feel about your lifestyle is something that you’ve probably never considered. However, your skin deserves more attention than it generally receives. For a start, your skin is the largest organ in the human body. Then it’s actually not inside the body, but it’s the only organ that is on the outside. Two rather pointless facts, you think. Well, think again. Dealing with your skin as an organ means that it is tightly connected to your overall body health. Then, from the fact that it is on the outside, it means that it can be affected by external factors, plus internal transformations can show via your skin too. So with this new knowledge, it’s time to help your skin to stay good throughout the many events of life. 

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Protect it from the elements
Your skin shields your body from the external elements. You’ve probably noticed that the skin on your hands gets so dry in winter when the temperatures are colder, that it sometimes cracks. That’s one of the main reasons why you should apply moisturising cream or oil every single day. Not just in winter when the impacts of the weather are more visible, but throughout the year. Keeping your keep well moisturised is your way of protecting it from the wind, the heat and the cold. Dehydrated skin is a common complaint in bad weather. And there’s no denying that dry skin is more exposed to diseases and infections. So look after your skin like a knight looks after his shield: it’s your sole protection from the outside world!

It’s stretchy but not infinitely

Your skin is elastic, thanks to its natural collagen. What this means is that, not only can you bend your limbs without breaking your skin, but it also adjusts to weight loss and gain situations. If you’ve put a lot of weight on, you will not be bursting out of your skin, for instance. However, the skin loses its natural collagen after 40. While it will continue to stretch if you put on weight, it will have difficulties stretching back to its original tightness if you lose weight. Loose skin is a common issue experienced by patients who undergo a liposuction treatment without looking after their skin. When the fat cells are removed abruptly, the skin struggles to adapt to your new shape. But don’t despair though, you can help tighten your skin with the right diet and collagen additives.

Don’t let poor food choices show

The food you eat is fuel for your body can help your skin maintain its health. For instance, for a healthy and tight skin, the consumption of citrus fruits and bell peppers can boost the production of collagen. Oysters are a good choice to influence the elastin production, through their high content in selenium. For a clean skin, avoid processed fat and sugar foods that clog up the pores and reduce the elasticity of your skin.

It’s time to change the priorities and to make your skin feel good in your life with the right protection and collagen support. And who knows? You might feel better in your skin for it!

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