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Journey to Jamaica

Jamaica is probably most famous for its beautiful unspoiled beaches and its unbeatable rum, but there is much more to this awe-inspiring Caribbean island than that. There’s wonderful waterfalls, action-adventure activities, lush green landscapes and much more besides.

There is more about Jamaica to discover than you can imagine, so if you want to journey to Jamaica and make the most of your trip, check out these fun things you can do on the island:

Play Tarzan

If you take a trip to Irie Blue Hole, you can live out all of your wildest jungle fantasies by swinging through the 27 foot high cliffs into the water below, with nothing more than a vine to hold your weight. Just make sure that you ask one of the many guides there to point out the places where it’s safe to do this first!


In Jamaica, there is a bobsled team! If you loved the movie Cool Runnings, which is about a Jamaican bobsled team as much as I did, you’ll be delighted to know that you can actually have your own bobsledding adventure right there on the island of Jamaica. Yes, you can plummet down the hills in a bobsled or via the 252-foot high Mystic Waterslide located in the rainforest of Mystic Mountain, for a thrill you’ll never forget.

Blue Mountains Bike Rides

The Blue Mountains are located 60 minutes away from Kingston. 7000 feet high and full of picturesque little villages, exotic wildlife, and lush landscapes, they are the perfect place to explore on bicycle. You’ll see waterfalls, birds of paradise and locals going about their day before stopping off at the Craighton House Coffee estate for a cup of the finest Blue Mountain coffee and a tour of the coffee plantation.

Enjoy Some Reggae

Rebel Salute is a fantastic festival celebrating all things reggae, taking place annually, the event goes on through the night with performances from some of the finest reggae artists known to man.

Hike Mayfield River

Mayfield River is located about an hour away from Montego Bay, and you can actually hike along it! Just strap on some water shoes, and you’ll be able to follow along the river, taking in the sights and sounds of the surrounding tropical rainforest as you go. It’s not an easy hike, but it’s one well-worth the effort, and when you get to the end, you’ll be rewarded with not one, but two wonderful waterfalls to cool off under.
Become a Crocodile Hunter

45 minutes to the west of Treasure Beach, you will find the Black River, which is one of the best places for spotting crocodiles in the Caribbean. Book yourself onto a cruise of the swampland and you might just be lucky enough to see one or more of the impressive creatures with their huge jaws and steely gaze, before heading back to the beach for a spot of relaxation, and let’s face it you’ll need it after coming face to face with a croc!

What are your suggestions for a great time in Jamaica?

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