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Author Guest Post:Imposters in Paradise by Maxine Barry

My favorite thing to do after reading a very good book is to learn a little bit about the author. I find it intriguing and I find it refreshing to learn some fun information from the brains behind that book I just couldn't put down. I am excited to share with you all an author guest post from the writer of Imposters in Paradise, you can grab your copy here and let me know what you think.  
 The Blurb

When Imogen Dacres’ brother, Robbie, dies in mysterious circumstances, she travels to Bermuda in search of the truth. From the minute she sets out on her journey, Imogen is plunged into a web of secrets, lies and mistaken identity. She soon realises that beneath the glamour of Bermuda, there are unseen forces intent on doing her harm. When she meets Morgan Dax, her brother’s boss, and one of the richest men on the island, there is a powerful attraction between them. But did Dax have a hand in Robbie’s death, and can Imogen trust him with her own life?

All about Maxine Barry 
Firstly, I never expected to become an author. So at school, I took the O-levels and A-levels that would allow me to do a top-notch secretarial course, and my first job was as a junior secretary at Somerville College in Oxford. When I left, nearly 6 years later, I was the Assistant College Secretary. But I’d always loved reading (both romance and crime) and it was always my dream to be a writer, and so I worked up my courage and took the plunge, and let work to give myself ‘a year’ in order to write a book. Luckily (and more than a year later!) I found a Literary Agent willing to take me on, and with her help, I got my first romance novel published – back in 1993! My Mum and Dad were always very supportive – I come from a working class background, with none of my siblings going to college – so although it seemed something of a ‘far-fetched’ dream to become a writer, they never said so! And they were thrilled to bits when I succeeded. My only real hobby is reading (I can read up to 3-4 books a week) but I do like to walk, and since I’ve lived all my life in a small village in Oxfordshire, I’m lucky to be surrounded by lovely countryside. I’m also a fan of nature-watching (I love Springwatch!) and love it when I get to see herons or kingfishers (or any other wildlife) with my own eyes and right on my back doorstep.

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