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Take your plate on a journey to spain

Are you a food enthusiast? Do you know your knife from your fork and your Ribeiro from your Albariño wine? If you have no idea what this is about, Ribeiro and Albariño are two of the best Spanish white wines. If you know exactly what this was about, and you are salivating in advance at the thought of delicious tapas, then it’s probably time to think about bringing a bit of Spain directly into your kitchen. Thankfully, you have plenty of option to call the Spanish sun under your roof. After all, this paradise of foodies is accessible to everyone, even in the comfort of your own kitchen. Yet, it’s best to see the real thing in the streets of Madrid or Barcelona!

                                The Paradise For Foodies

Spain is an uncomplicated food heaven for those who love the simple and authentic taste of the south. Indeed, Spain is a country for the foodies who cherish the real taste of simple things, and the pleasure of a meal to share in good company. It’s hard not to think about the tortilla española as typical Spanish food: Everyone in the world knows this potato omelet! But there is more to Spain. The cold soup, gazpacho, is a famous mix of tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, onion and vinegar. But have you heard of the salmorejo? This is another cold soup, but this one counts bread as a base ingredient. The cocido madrileño is another hidden marvel typical from Madrid with chickpeas. But before you start your tour of the Spanish cuisine, it’s a good idea to check the Spanish vineyards too. Spain in one of the top producer of wine in the world, and while it is famous for the Rioja red wine, there are a lot more to discover on a wine tourist tour.

Plan Your Holiday


If you are planning to go to Spain and tour through the delicious world of sunny cuisine, you should start your planning early! While you will find plenty of travel agencies that offer specialist gourmet tours of Spain, you can access the same facilities if you choose to tour on your own. Check the best seasons to visit your favorite vineyards, and more importantly, plan to hire a car as some areas are remote and difficult to reach with public transport. As a last piece of advice, you might be interested in the latest project of the EU commission, the ETIAS - you can find out more on the website. The EU is planning to roll out a form of online VISA registration for visitors who come from countries outside of the EU in 2020. This is designed to work in a similar way to a US tourist visa for visits of 90 days or less.

Bring Back Recipes


Don’t just visit Spain. The love of good food goes beyond this sunny country! Why not research your favorite recipes to bring back home the pleasure of tapas with friends? Or maybe you could buy a paella pan and invite friends over for a paella and vino meal with plenty of good music and laugh. Spanish cuisine is about conviviality and simplicity: There’s nothing stopping you from recreating it in your own kitchen!

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