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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Vitality: Discover The Secrets To A Long And Healthy Life

January, the month where the indulgence from the Christmas cheer and festivities turn into guilt and a sudden determination to change the way we eat, drink and look after our bodies. We make lists, we number them and do everything to avoid the word 'resolution' because let's be honest, who actually sticks to resolutions?
 I remember the beginning of 2016, I vowed to never touch nor look at another sweet again. I said it with determination; that was the year I was going to give up sugar and by Christmas 2016, look back at my successful sugar-free year full of sweet, sweet happiness (pun intended) HA! I chuckle to myself as I type because, by the end of February, I was filling a pick 'n' mix carton so full I had to squeeze it down with two lids.
The reality of it all was that I was just joining the many others who make everyday  'resolutions' without considering that the key is to consider it a lifestyle change and not a January quick fix.Realistic and achievable changes that are done by fuelling not only our bodies in the correct way but also our minds, something I strongly advocate and believe in.

Vitality an event which aims to inspire people to start on a journey of natural, holistic well being as well as offering some inspiring talks for those who have already embarked on this pathway. Vitality was created by my cousin Jeannette Albert and it promises to help you discover the secrets to a long and healthy life at a wellbeing event that is suitable for everyone.

The event takes place on the  4th of February 2017 4.45- 8.45 pm
Address: Croydon Voluntary Action Resource Centre
82 London Road
CR0 2TB ( Nearest Station: West Croydon)  

There will be vegan food by a Caribbean vegan  restaurant called LoveGift Vegan, based in Brockley South London, who specialise in cooked, live and raw food. There will also be a  market place which will be selling organic products, jewellery as well as  health and beauty products, amongst other things.

Here is some information about the people doing sessions at Vitality

Basu Joseph Turner:

SMAITAWI Egyptian Yoga flow
 Time: 4.45-5.45

Covering 26 postures of the neter and neteru we will travel back in time through postures to reactivate our highest potential. By becoming present to our unlimited resource the breath. Please bring a yoga mat.

 Indianna FeedMe
Natural Skincare Workshop
Time: 6.00-6.45
SelfCare SelfLove SelfInspire 

A holistic approach to loving yourself internally and externally. 

What is your skin saying about you? 
A 45-minute workshop based on the ancient art of face-mapping. Do you know that spots/scars/lines in certain areas of you face is a way of your body telling you 'what's up!' So let's find out together and find a solution, holistically. Homemade cleansing and face mask demo will be given on the day.
 Cerebral Hyper Balancing Beads
Time: 7.05-7.30
This will give an introduction about using balancing beads and healing crystals for good health

A link to a film he has made about his work is below

Derin Bepo 

Time 7.45-8.30

Talk Title: How To Totally  Destroy your health

12 easy Steps

A presentation by  Master Natural Therapist, consultant, and educator  Derin Bepo

Derin is the UK leading natural therapist and health motivator and educator. He has solved over 20,000 health problems

He has mentored over 50 Natural Therapists in the secret dynamics that govern health  

Over 30 years of involvement in natural health research study and practice, Derin has noted the consistent error patterns, habits,lifestyles and behaviors that lead to health breakdown and early death

Derin is the developer of the HealthRestore Programme, a powerful system for healing and reversal of health problems.

In this powerful presentation, Derin will make it clear why 80% of all current thinking practice and understanding about health is completely and dangerously wrong.

You will learn:

The No 1 cause of death....it is not what you think!

The number one cause of all health problems

Advance tickets are £5 and it is £8 on the door. Children are free.

Have you started your journey to a healthier, better you? I would love to know!


Jade Priscilla x



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