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Term Time Holidays: Would You Risk It?

The Christmas tree has been packed away in its box for a few weeks now and although the ground resembles an ice rink and the frosty chill that nips us as we try to brave the cold reminds us that January is still classed as winter we begin to dream of booking a vacation in the sun. One that is guaranteed to give us sun, sea and hours of mini disco entertainment for our little ones.Out come the brochures and we scour the many travel agent sites, seeking the deal that will take us from London to sunny shores in two and a half hours.

We pick the destination ,choose our preferred board of either self catering, half board or all-inclusive, add on the transfers, insurance and all the extra bits like that random tour or lunch with a man dressed in a teddy bear costume claiming to be some big top tv character when really the bear costume could do with a wash and sew.

It sounds absolutely perfect.

 Click-head to checkout

Pick jaw off the floor, find teeth, insert, push tongue in and take a deep, deep breath.

The price for a week long holiday in the 6 weeks school break is so expensive that even the comparison sites can't compare it anymore. So what do you do?
Do you feign an illness and take your little ones on the holiday of their/your dreams
Do you bake biscuits for the principal of your school alongside a bunch of Tesco finest flowers and a little note full of praise and a 'please can we take a term time holiday, hold the fine, to Alicante?'

 I was having a read of Lei’s newsletter and I saw a note saying that term time holidays are strictly forbidden. This is not something new or surprising. We have all known about this for a very long time but it seems that parents are still willing to risk it, perhaps hoping to just pay a fine, get a slap on the wrist and continue uploading their holiday snaps to social media.

Well, what I was shocked about was that a child had been taken off the register and now no longer is able to attend the school. That, if not anything must be a warning that it isn’t to be taken lightly. No more will you just be told off and asked to pay a fine while you punch the air with glee happy that you got away with it and wondering if you can be cheeky and do it again.

 I completely understand that term time holidays can be extortionate, especially if you have more than one child. However, is it really worth the embarrassment and disruption to your child’s education?  I book all of my holidays out of school hours, for our little family. We find that if we book way in advance we don’t feel the pinch so bad.

 Here are some of my top tips and tricks for booking an affordable school holiday.

Book in advance

Most websites and stores get their brochures and newest vacation bookings way in advance of the new year. Most times before Christmas, by booking then you can choose to pay in installments, pay a smaller deposit and have longer to pay it all off, therefore not feeling the strain on the good old purse strings

Kids Stay Free

Most of my holidays are booked with On The Beach, I absolutely love that site and not only because you can pay in installments up to 2 weeks before you travel but also because most of the hotels offer kids stay free so you only end up paying for the adults which bring the cost down significantly. Choosing holidays that give children some sort of free pass is great for saving some money

Shorten the length of your stay

Of course, we would all love 10 days in the sun, but 10 days equals to added costs. Last year, we went to Barcelona for 5 nights which helped us to save considerably, From experience by day 6 you start missing your own bed and start getting a tad bit tired of dancing around in a conga line every evening so 5 is perfect for that ‘yes I wish I could stay longer, but I have had a great time’

Have you ever taken your children out of school for a term-time holiday? What are your tips for cheaper school break holidays?


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