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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Save The (Canadian) Bacon: The Best Vegan Eateries in Canada


 Travelling when  you have special dietary needs can be a nightmare! I come from a family that have allergies to certain foods so we are always extra careful especially when eating out and about.  Choosing to follow a specific diet can also prove troublesome, for example if you’re a vegan it can be frustrating as you never know if you’re going to be able to find anything good to eat that doesn’t contain some form of animal product, and then there's the added worry about the language barrier and making your requirements known.

Luckily, if you plan to travel to Canada, this is not really an issue because, not only will most waiters and waitresses speak English, but there are also lots of great vegan restaurants in the country. So, if you want your trip to go without a hitch, as well as visiting https://official-canada-eta.com to sort out your electronic travel authorization, be sure to check out my list of the best vegan eateries in Canada below.

Heartwood, Halifax
This vegan restaurant, which is located in the Nova Scotia region, is home to some of the finest vegan food in North America. The best thing about eating here is that all of the food is seasonal, which means that you are eating locally produced food at its best, and doing your bit for the environment. Even the wine is local!

Rise Above, St. Catherine’s

This Ontario eatery takes all of your favourite foods and veganizes them, so if you’re hankering for a big bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese or your heart desires some cheesy empanadas, take a trip to Rise Above and let your waistline expand. The food’s so good; you’ll find yourself leaving a tip so huge you’ll surprise yourself!

The Sprout, St. John’s

This Newfoundland eatery offers some of the most delicious deserts you will ever taste, vegan or not. It also serves up delicious black bean burritos, a hearty brunch menu and an abundance of great local beers.

The Abbey, Fredericton

In the heart of New Brunswick, you will find The Abbey, and you’ll soon be in vegan heaven. Served up daily are such vegan delights as black bean brownies and the best hot chocolate. Unlike many vegetarian/vegan restaurants, The Abbey offers the chance to add chicken or shrimp to any dish, so it is a good place to go if you’re travelling with non-vegans.

Doomie’s, Toronto

If you love your comfort food and you’re looking to indulge in a vegan dish that could hardly be described as healthy, you’ll want to check out Doomie’s – a Toronto restaurant that serves up big portions of your favourite foods. You can even get a vegan Big Mac there! It’s one eatery that’s not to be missed.

The Coup, Calgary

If you’re in Alberta, you should make the effort to visit The Coup, where you can get soup, sushi, yam fries, burgers and much more besides, All vegan and all good.

Chau VeggiExpress, Vancouver

If you like hot, spicy vegan cuisine, you won’t find better food than the offerings at Chau VeggiExpress, which specialises in Thai and Vietnamese vegan food, including favourites like pho, nem and sugar-free coconut shakes.
As you can probably tell, Canada is great for vegans. In fact, why not take yourself on a vegan tour of the country? You’ll never eat as well as you can in Canada.


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