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Cherish The Skin You're In: Easy Ways To Maintain a Gorgeous Complexion

 Clear, healthy and glowing skin always looks beautiful- and having a complexion you’re happy with can give you tons of confidence and self-esteem. As the human body’s biggest organ and something that’s exposed to the elements, our skin can often use a helping hand to keep it at it’s best. Here are just three of the ways you can ensure the skin you want and deserve.

Wear Sunscreen

The thing about the sun’s rays is they’re not just damaging in the summer when it’s hot. They can affect your skin cells all year round. Therefore a good sunscreen is an important step in your routine. It can be an annoying thing to remember and something that’s easily skipped, and so your best bet is to find other products with an SPF included. You’re always going to need to moisturize your face in the morning, so a moisturizer with SPF kills two birds with one stone. If you wear BB cream or foundation daily, these can also be bought with SPF included. One tip to bear in mind though is if you have pictures taken, be wary. When you use a flash, it can cause it to reflect giving you a bright white ghostly appearance. So for things like special events, your wedding day, etc. you may be better off skipping the SPF and keeping out of the sun. Sticking religiously to a good skincare routine each morning and evening is vital for good skin, and an SPF is a step that shouldn’t be skipped.

Eat Well And Stay Hydrated

Our skin really is a window to our health. When we’re run down, not eating right, tired or generally not at our best then our skin will be the first to show it. It could be in the form of breakouts, dark circles under the eyes, dryness or something else. Eating a healthy, balanced diet means you give your body all of the nutrients it needs for good skin. Drinking enough water will ensure it remains supple and hydrated. A healthy diet is good for every part of your body, but your skin will be the place where it shows first.

Have a Little Work Done

Unless you have very deep lines, sagging and other signs of aging- chances are you won’t need a full face lift and. There are many treatments and procedures that you can have done without going under the knife at all. This is beneficial since there’s no recovery time and only minor (or no) pain. Plus it’s more affordable and convenient, they’re dubbed ‘lunch hour treatments’ as you can literally be in and out and back to work within the hour if you needed to. You could have some botox to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. You could have a little lip filler to plump lips since they can lose volume as we age. Another salon treatment is microdermabrasion, here a special machine is used to exfoliate the skin which can remove dead skin cells leaving your complexion looking much fresher and smoother afterward.Ultimately, it's your skin, and you can do whatever you want and think is best for your skin and complexion.

With the right care and a few preventative measures, skin can stay looking great as we age and mature.

How do you care for your skin?

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