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Bio oil- Looking After Your Skin

Moisturising daily is part of my skincare routine and for me it goes hand in hand with teeth brushing. It just HAS to be done. Whenever I went  to the beauty counters and they'd ask what skin type I have I would always comment that my skin was combination, a mixture of dry and oily. This I would base just on the fact I had a shiny nose that day when in reality the answer should have been dry.

Over the years and of course as I have gotten older, I now know what products to use to keep the dryness at bay. It doesn’t help that I work in a field where constant hand washing is a must so a tub of cream is never far from my pocket.

Now, it’s not only dryness which can cause concerns of the skin, there are many skin conditions which affect people in different ways and different  methods can be used  to heal or ease the situation. One aspect which can affect everyone, women AND men is stretch marks.

Pregnancy is one but not the only cause of stretch marks with some women being lucky enough to avoid any during the 9 month pregnancy.  I wasn’t so lucky and unlike when I was younger, it doesn’t bother me now. Why? Because that’s life and if the people around you or even the media is making you feel embarassed because of something so petty such as stretch marks then you need to stop and element the negativity. Instead we should uplift each other, encourage and support and instead of ridiculing or mocking we could offer some advice and perhaps something to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

I recommend *Bio-oil.

Bio-Oil is amazing and can be used for:

    Improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks
A plus for anyone wanting to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. It is recommended to use bio oil twice a day, massaging the area or scar in a circular motion for a minimum of 3 months.
    Aging skin
Not quite 30 yet but not far from it and I have been thinking a lot about my skin care routine and the products I use. Ageing is a given, it is going to happen to the best of us but if I can do so looking younger than my years than so be it.

·         Dehydrated skin
A massive bonus for me is oil that can quench dehydrated skin. I usually use oil with a body cream just to have that extra moisture to the skin. But I have found that I don’t need to mix Bio oil, it works just as well as a standalone product.

Have you used bio-oil before?

*I was kindly sent Bio-Oil for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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