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Is 2018 The Year Of Travel? How To Plan Your Best Year Yet

Christmas is a great time of year to enjoy with the family. We like to indulge in Christmas food, spend time with amazing family and friends enjoying their company, and even thinking about a few festive events to attend. Taking children to see Santa? Christmas tree shopping and buying all the cute decorations. As a mum it is a wonderful time of year. However, new year can be equally as fun and rewarding.

New year’s eve isn’t what it used to be, I can tell you. Motherhood changed that, and only for the better. While it used to be a night where I would dress up, look glam, enjoying an amazing night with some of my closest people, now is the time where I enjoy the evening with my daughter, reflect on the previous year and look to the year ahead. It’s actually very refreshing to recap on all of the positive things that have happened, and start making plans and intentions for the new year ahead. Of course, like anybody, I love the idea of having those resolutions of self-improvement, home improvements and things to look forward to. A lot of people like to focus on losing weight, giving up a vice, joining a gym even. However, I think a good focus for new year would be travel.