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How to: Fuss Free Everyday Mum Makeup

Alarm is set from the night before, uniforms ironed, school shoes lined up and waiting by the door.
This means that in the morning, there will be no rush or panic to get ready but instead a smooth transaction from bed to school....


School runs don't always go to plan, and some days as you rush out the door with barely a scrap of makeup on as you rush to make it to the school gates on time. However, there are some days when the makeup fairies are on your side, wishing you luck and cheering you on big time. And on days like that you don't go all Hollywood glamour just a bit more 'put together and on track'.

So after cleansing my face, I will moisturise and then apply my foundation- I use the true match l'oreal foundation for everyday use as it's light and gives great coverage without looking like I'm ready to hit the town in high heels and a sparkly top.

Now, I LOVE watching makeup tutorials on Youtube and can easily waste hours just watching and feeling inspired but there is no way at eight in the morning am I gonna roast, bake and toast my face. There is absolutely no need, there is also no need for chiseled cheekbones and noses so slender, little one could hope on and just slide to school.

So that step is skipped and instead, I just powder, using my Ben Nye translucent powder which is fab for keeping everything in place and also reducing shine as I hate my skin looking oily or shiny, matte all the way.

Eyeshadow like fake eyelashes are optional, I like to use a browney copper shade from an old sleek palette. Once that's applied and all blended in then I apply eyeliner.

Eyeliner is babes.
liquid, gel or pencil I love it all and a tip I use to keep mine on all day is to apply the pencil on first then I go over it with a liquid liner keeping my liner in place for the rest of the day.

My new makeup bag from emj is great for keeping my everyday makeup essentials in one place whilst still keeping me trendy. I am not one to retouch my base makeup once I have applied in the morning as that can often leave you looking like cake batter has been smeared onto your face come six pm. Powder on the nose is fine, just not the whole foundation and concealer. Oh, which reminds me that  I forget to mention concealer. I rarely use it so on the school run it wouldn't be my go-to product.

Once my eyeliner has been flicked I move on to my brows. When I was younger they were so thin naturally and I would make them even thinner by plucking all the stray hairs( thinking back- there must have been none) Now I try to make them look as thick as possible without creating a monobrow.
I use a powder to fill my brows in and sometimes a pencil if I want to be really precise and sharp.

Now, eyelashes will depend on the time and this has only been a recent thing as usually I have individual lashes on so would not normally have to bother anyway. But as I am naked eyed at the moment I usually reach for my Nouveau lashes in style 2.

That is it! quick clock check-apply a bit of bronzer then head out the door and of course, your favourite lipstick or lip gloss.

Quick, simple and fuss free.

What are your fuss free everyday makeup tips?


Jade Priscilla

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