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November Birthdays

November, month of the Sagittarius and a month full of birthday celebrations and so much cake that if I blinked and made a wish I might turn into Mary Berry herself.

On the 26th of November Lashgang celebrated turning one! Such an achievement and unlike when your little one turns one and you umm and ahhh about having a party because you know it's just gonna be adults drinking processco, this gang KNEW they were gonna have a party filled with balloons, party hats, tea party food and a photo booth as well as the opportunity to get lashes beautified by the talented Nouveau Lashes technicians.

But, let me walk you through my day-take my hand...come with me...

In an ideal world I would lie in- not sure until what time but just to have an  option to sleep past eight in the morning suits me just fine. Okay, so I would have a lie then be woken by a brunch of fresh fruit and yogurt and all things yummy and harp music will fill the room, easing me into my morning routine....

In reality, I woke up early to get ready for my day in Purley and to take Lei to her extracurricular activity before heading to the train station. Fairly straightforward and the journey down to Purley wasn't bad at all. One insta video of me looking all nonchalant and casual, and a hour and a half later I arrived at Purley Station. I met up with Kelila and we made our way to the lashgang birthday bash!

Unfortunately we were late so missed pass the parcel but we had such a good time socialising, getting some great tips and just generally being inspired by so many fantastic lashgang members. As the party came to a close there was an award ceremony and we got given our party bags which  had even more lashes,a Nouveu lashes/lashgang canvass bag, lashgang badges which Lei has already claimed and pinned to her bookbag and a make up bag from emj .

The journey home however, wasn't as straightforward. There was no 'ohh-i'm-filming-myself-but-will-look-like-i'm-not-while-I-look-away-and-pretend-I'm-an-actress' videos, no tweets, no facebook updates, no nothing because my battery percentage was so low it was a joke and I wouldn't dare use it because somehow, only God knows how, I ended up in Balcombe which if you know me personally and know where I live, will know that that is nowhere near my home and it is the most loneliest, saddest (insert every sad feeling and emotion here***) station I have ever been to with it's two platforms and trains that whizz past but don't stop unless a hundred and fifty five hours have passed by. Gosh, I was so annoyed and cold, so so cold; I couldn't wait to get home.

After ten years, a mortgage and a remortgage, eight more kids and a dog I finally got home- I'm dramatic but trust me, it was so long and tiring I couldn't even bare it, every station I went bythat brought me  closer to home I would put my fingertips on the window and whisper "Home" ( HA! I joke,I joke- you DEFINITELY get my point-it was long!)
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After falling into an exhausted slumber, I woke the next day excited because my ROCK, my go-to, my best friend and number one supporter, fan, cheerleader, my mumma was celebrating her big Five-O birthday! Showered with gifts and a lovely dinner in the evening and the promise of a spa the next day with my dad, my mum was absolutely in her element and celebrated in style surrounded by love and laughter- best ingredients for a birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum and happy birthday LashGang- here's to many years of being fantastic, amazing and achieving great things *raises glass*


Jade Priscilla

***Apoligies if you are the mayor of that area or just a normal person having the time of your life- sowwie


  1. That food looks amazing - hope your mum had a lovely birthday! xx

  2. such a busy time for birthdays! My son's is on Thursday and his party on Saturday - really looking forward to it :)

  3. It sounds like a great day! Happy Birthday to your mum and lash gang xx

  4. Hope your mum had a good birthday! And happy birthday to the lash gang. Those cakes look yummy x

  5. Love that my little pony. My daughter would love that!

  6. Even though you were late it looks like you had an amazing time. Look at the food.


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