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Flatlays, lashgang and me oh my!

*Meekly walks onto stage*

Hello, remember me?

It has been a while, I think I took the whole procrastination malarky a bit to far, resulting in procrastination turning into laziness and a bit of fear.

"Jade you should write," I get told all the time leaving my mouth and brain to have a tug of war about the art of lying and my penchant for doing nothing. It goes something like this:

Mouth: Yes, yes, I'm working on something at the moment.
Head: Liar
Mouth: I have been so busy etc etc but next Tuesday, that's the day, keep an eye out
Head: You really need to stop....

Yeaaaah,I annoy myself sometimes, especially as I am full of ideas and words that  just want to be written but that fear I mentioned always manages to creep back in and I find myself reverting that post about the school run and that time I fell between a portaloo back into my drafts because I think who cares? ( Now you all want to know how I did that- I don't know- but I have a dent in my leg and a bruise from August that won't fade.PS: I didn't fall into it! ha)

Maybe I will write and write and noone but a robot from some country far away will ever read it, oh and my mum and bestfriends because they are forever my cheerleaders but it doesn't matter because I am back,don't know for how long and I won't be making any promises that I will write everyday because and I will be honest I am lazy and enjoy daytime naps and crap daytime tv when I am not working a 12 hour shift, thank you very much.

A few weeks ago, I went to the beautyblogger awards, I took hardly any pictures and forgot my notebook and felt like a bit of a loser amongst everyone who seemed to have their shit together. As I filled in a registration form for lash gang, I apoligised for my lack of insta followers, twitter followers,lack of blog posts *sigh* and you know what I was told, I was told to stop, stop making excuses because it doesn't matter. I was made to feel like my thoughts and opinions were valuable just as much as someone who has tens of thousands of followers.( Thanks Beth Eleanor)I left feeling inspired, copied all of my bestfriend's notes and decided that I must stop comparing myself to others and just be me.

I am part  of a gang-lashgang which is run by Nouveau lashes and boy is it the coolest. They stock a variety of lashes as well as eyemakeup remover and now eyelash extenstion remover( goodbye cloggy vaseline eyes)   I have extremly thin lashes and I am appalling at applying lashes which is why I usually get indivdual lashes, so when I received a special parcel from Noveau lashes with even more lashes and a lash and brow conditioning serum, I was excited to see if it would make a difference to my lack of eye hair.

Albeit it's only a few weeks buuuttt my indivdual lashes have stayed on much better this time around, which means they are slowly getting stronger. You apply it as you would mascara which I love,so much easier than a thin paint brush thingy that I used to have for growth and conditioning.

And that is all for now, I hope to see you soon, let me know what you have been up to.


Jade Priscilla


  1. Welcome back! Keep on doing what you love!

  2. Eurilla George Graham 21 november 14:42
    Nice work Jade keep it up


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