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.....And Relax

My book is well loved ha! nearly finished, look out for a review
Let's set the scene....

You return home from work, stand outside your house and fumble around your handbag for the keys to the front door. Biscuit wrapper, hand sanitiser, lipsticks with no lids on gathering the crumbs and debris from the bottom of your bag- lipstick ruined, keys still not found and you start to panic.
The thing about panicking is that as your heart races and the worst case scenarios flash through your mind, the truth is whilst one hand remains in the bag your eyes are not and then when you realise the sheer stupidity of it, you find your keys hooked onto a tampon and you want to hurl the whole bag AND keys across the road but instead you breatheeee....unlock the door and begin your evening routine.

Now, don't be fooled in believing that I do this every evening, but if I have a few days off then it's all rock n roll.

First things first (I'm da realest) uniform off and into washing machine and then I run a bath...

 The water will be too hot as my toe test will tell me but I will get in anyway and pray that I will leave said bath intact and not resembling a burnt turkey


Time for:

Music-This depends, I go through bursts of wanting to hear music all the time then times when I just like nothing but the sound of the airvent in the bathroom.....

Current song of choice atm is JoJo- I Am

A book/magazine- One of my guilty pleasures is to catch up on on all the entertainment, reality star gossip, Hollywood gossip. If I am not accompanied by a mag then it will have to be a good book.

I am currently reading The Passenger by Lisa Lutz .Well I have been reading it for about 6 months, not because it's slow but because I kept putting it down and starting other books . Look out for a review.

Hot chocolate: I have a specific 'hot choc mug' and it has to be cadburys and  it has to be rich and creamy and have a love for hips, thighs and bums---Perfect! Marshmallows and whipped cream optional of course.

Face Mask- Nothing beats stepping out of the bath or shower with smooth baby smooth skin. I got the rejuvenating collagen mask in a goodie bag and I am excited to try it as it promises such good things for the skin

Time has passed and although my appearance is  not so much a burnt turkey, I am very much a prune- A very clean, relaxed and refreshed prune ready to tackle the next working day or lounge on the sofa and watch tv.

How do you relax and unwind after a long day, I would love to know.


Jade Priscilla

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  1. Great read. I didn't want it to end.


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