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The Book of You

 Get ready to start living a better life for you

The resolutions usually start on the eve of New years day, the day when the guilt over the extra helping of christmas pudding or that awful nail biting habit you been meaning to quit starts to kick in. But like so many, by the second week of January as the store sale items dwell down  to just odd socks and hair bobbles, the resolutions that were followed so religiously now don't quite have a look in.

The problem I think is that the new year brings hopes for a new beginning and a new start and instead of choosing small tasks we all tend to go big or go home! This is why The Book of YOU offers a different take on resolutions, offering not just one or two changes but 365 micro actions for a happier, healthier you.

Food, Mind, Move and Love are the categories covered, with each sub category giving a useful tip for the day, these are a few of the actions mentioned:

Food: Fill your fruit bowl- I love having fresh fruit in my bowl and love to have a variety especially for after-school so Lei can reach for fruit rather than the biscuits

Mind: Enjoy Silence- I am known to enjoy my own company and whenever I do, I often like to be quiet,letting my mind be free to be creative with my writing or ideas for my blog.

Move: Explore the neighbourhood: This year I plan to travel more and discover new places, cultures and traditions.

Love: Find kindness around you:An act of kindness can melt even the coldest of hearts and this action can make you realise just how many people are willing to be kind if you just stop and have a look. It doesn't have to be big, just something as simple as holding a door open or helping someone with a difficult task can spread positivity

 There is no set way to read the book which is one of the things I loved as anything too restricting will cause me to lose interest so instead I chose a random action each day, something I will continue to do throughout the year.

One of the mind actions called for going to bed early, a real struggle of mine as I often leave everything until the last minute, resulting in late bedtimes and early rises. This action suggested getting everything ready early so that instead of fighting the need to sleep I can just fall into a peaceful well rested slumber.

The book of you has now taken  pride of place on my dressing table and is my go-to for daily prompts and to help me feel positive and ready to tackle the day ahead-especially if it is a Monday!

*I was sent The book of You in return for an honest review


  1. I've not seen a book like this before, it sounds really interesting though

  2. this sounds like a lovely book - i could certainly use it each day! How much is it?

  3. OH I am adding this to my wishlist it sounds like the kind of book I need to be reading right now. Thanks for the excellent review. #love2blog

  4. This sounds like a very positive and motivational book I'll have to get a copy. I like the idea of the categories and different tips each day.

  5. What a fantastic idea, I might have to get this book for myself. I think you are right, we go big with our resolutions and then it's hard to stick to them, but making little changes every day or week would be much easier.
    I too am rubbish at going to bed early, every evening I say 'I'm going to get an early night' and every night I'm still faffing about at midnight!

  6. Sounds like a really interesting read, I am similar to you in leaving things till the last minute resulting in late nights so I must also take that one on.. she says at 11pm catching up on blog reading haha! xx

  7. Oh I do love books like this - I have dozens! This one sounds great, I like a bit of direction to help me! I Thank you for sharing. Kaz x

  8. This is exactly what i need in my life right now! Great review, definately going on my wish list x

  9. Oooh I've seen this online but never knew exactly what it was about. The title alone keeps drawing me in x

  10. This sounds really good and such a great idea. I love things like this to help me feel a little more motivated xxx

  11. This sounds like a really interesting book.
    Good luck with your year, I hope this book helps you achieve what you want to.


  12. I'm looking for some motivational life books so might get this one! I like the idea of micro challenges and resolutions to work toward a happier you rather than giant ones! x

  13. This isn't my kind of thing but I know lots of people who would love to read this xx

  14. I think I may need to pick this up, it sounds fab x


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