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How to plan a January birthday

Birthday cake made by Babycakes &Bakes for my mum's birthday in November

 Christmas is over and a new countdown has officially started...

As soon as the last dish was cleared away and we all clambered onto the sofa to watch Christmas television and pick out our favourites from the chocolate tin, a little princess gave us all a reminder that is wouldn't be very long until we celebrated her 7th birthday!

Yesterday she declared that it is 11 days until her birthday and I feigned surprise by opening my eyes wide and saying: "No waaayy, I thought it was my birthday!"
And I watched as her little face lit up with excitement, her eyes twinkling as she laughed and said: "Nooo Mummy, it's MY birthday!"

I opened my eyes wide and mocked fake surprise:  "Are you sure Lei? I thought it was my birthday!" I say and she giggled as she shouted nooooo!

Of course, I haven't forgotten, especially as I like to be well prepared considering the special day is right after Christmas.

Here is how I plan for Lei's birthday


I shop for Christmas and birthday presents at the same time and like an elf or  the birthday fairy, I hide gifts around the house hoping that they will keep well hidden until the big day. I find that by buying presents at the same time, it eases any mad panic shopping and also helps in getting presents that she will actually want. So far I have brought us tickets to see Wicked in Theatre, some classic books which I can't wait to read with her and some other surprises.


January is an awkward month for birthday parties as most places get booked up quickly. This year we are not having a party but if I was I would have planned way ahead, perhaps late November, early December. Pinterest is full of ideas for decorations and invitations


Having a January birthday has it's perks as usually for Christmas Lei will get a few lovely outfits which she will wear over the holiday season and for her birthday. The boxing day sales are also perfect for finding something affordable but perfect for your little prince or princess.

Day out

Birthdays do not have to be extravagant or expensive and a day out at a play centre, or to a museum can be just as fun. One year I organised a party for Lei and forecast of snow threatened to postpone everything, which is why a small outing can quickly be changed to suit the weather and won't lead to any disappoint if Mother Nature decides to be a party pooper!

Food and Birthday Cake  

Dinner or lunch in a nice restaurant is one of mine and Lei's favourites thing to do and of course you have to have a birthday cake! I have ordered mine from Babycakes& Bakes whose cakes taste as fantastic as they look. Again, booking early is the key as most companies have late Christmas parties in January.

So that is how I plan for my January baby's birthday, I will be sharing pictures from the day and of our trip to Wicked on the blog but also on instagram, so be sure to follow along.

Do you celebrate a birthday before christmas or just after? How do you prepare?


  1. My dad's birthday is boxing day so I always make sure he has separate gifts nothing combined with christmas. He loves it as everyone is in the pub anyway!

  2. I hope she has a lovely day.It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it.

  3. This all sounds lovely - my nephew, brother and one of my oldest friends all have their birthdays in January, and I know it often falls a bit flat when everyone is skint from Christmas or not feeling celebratory.

  4. I do the same I plan birthdays that are in January at the same time as Xmas presents or in the sales. It is cheaper and more time efficient I think!

  5. My birthday is far earlier in the year but my nephew's one is in November and my sister in law does some great planning.

  6. My youngest daughters birthday is 10th December and I have to really consciously not let it get 'lost' in Christmas. We usually do something in the summer for her to be honest! Kaz x

  7. I just LOVE that cake. It is fab, would love it myself. My step daughter has her birthday in January and I am in February. My friend is on Christmas day! The only thing I don't like about winter birthdays, is the weather - i often think summer babies can do more things or have parties outside.

  8. It's so cute how you joke around with your daughter. I hope she enjoys her birthday.

  9. This cake is fab!! I am a january baby and my daughter was 7 at the end of nov so we feel your pain!! So much at once!! haha xxx

  10. Love the blog babes xx so proud of you


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