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Ruby's and Cottons

We didn't have much of a plan, but we did know that we wanted the evening to have lots of food, plenty of belly laughs and a cocktail or two to set the pace for the evening.

We decided to visit a new restaurant in Luton called Ruby's, a family run caribbean restaurant which has now taken pride of place in an old nightclub I used to visit when I was a younger. It is always amazing how buildings can transform and evolve, I was impressed with how Ruby's was able to shave all traces of the club away and instead replace it with a warm and inviting restaurant of black and red tones, colourful bar and friendly staff.

The music played was soulful and a true mixture of different genres and despite us sitting next to the speakers it was not too loud or irritating. One of my pet hates when at a restaurant is not being able to hear each other speak or having to shout so much that you leave the restaurant with a full stomach and a sore throat- not good.

My dinner dates: Maria, Saran and Liane

Our drinks order was placed and we gossiped and put the world to rights whilst we waited to place our food orders.  The menu offers a wide selection of foods sure to take your taste buds to the caribbean isles. We ordered three different rices: jollof rice, plain white rice and fried rice and two meat dishes( curry mutton & jerk chicken) and a fish dish.
Jollof rice, fried dumplings, curry mutton & plaintain

Now, one thing about hunger is that it can make you impatient, restless and prone to being slightly snappy which is what happened when we had to wait quite a long time for our meals to arrive, it didn't help that we could see meals for other tables, who had come after us, getting food- we were getting  serious food envy! haha. The staff told us that the reason for this is because it is not a fast food service so the meals take a little while to prepare, they did thank us for our patience.

Thankfully, our patience paid off as the food WAS delicious and came with complimentary sides of coleslaw and plantain- yum! Oh and the portion sizes were amazing, sooo much food that we could have easily shared instead of ordering separately.
Source: Cottons

Full we headed towards the train station to get the train to Camden; Cottons is a restaurant and bar with a real caribbean vibe, the d├ęcor transports you to an island bar with its wooden shack walls, slogans and caribbean flags waving proud to salute. There was a dj and although the space left to dance was incredibly small, he managed to get everyone dancing and having a really good time.

Sorrel is my favourite Christmas drink and so when I saw it on the cocktail menu where it is described as a Sorrel Sling  which is made with a large measure of beefeater gin mixed with fresh lemon juice, sorrel squash, cheery brandy and topped with soda, it was always going to be my first choice and oooh was it good! Cocktails are made right in front of your eyes by bartenders with Hawaiian shirts and feet that tap along to the music.

It's not a good night without a blurry selfie

We had a brilliant evening and not even the disappointment of missing the train home and having to get a replacement bus service could dampen our moods. Ruby's and Cottons until next time.....

Tell me all about your favourite local or London hangout...;-)

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