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Haunted walking tour in theatreland with Every Hotel Picadilly

Every hotel is located in the heart of theatre land

Hidden behind the razzmatazz of London's theatre land is a textbook of history and spooktactular tales. Tales of severed heads, amputated legs and of the ghosts that hunt the alleys and guard the stage doors of London's most popular theatres. This was the theme when I was invited to a haunted theatre land tour with Joe blogs and Every Hotel Piccadilly .

On my 18th birthday, I saw my first ever musical production- Chicago and from then on I have had the theatre bug. I attend regularly and have introduced my love for all things song and dance to Lei who I have taken to see Matilda and Billy Elliot and although my favourite musical changes after each show, one that has stolen my heart and my voice to it's songs is the lion King. Never too old for treats and a night out, my mum and I went to the show and had dinner at a nearby restaurant. We didn't stay the night, instead we braced the cold and the over crowded train back home , a trip which could have been avoided had we stayed the night, which next time I will do and my first choice will be Every Hotel Piccadilly.

Every hotel Piccadilly is an incredibly modern hotel with plans to expand to every major city not just in the UK but worldwide. Guests are welcomed by their hosts who can recommend a tasty meal from their menu or directions to the nearest theatre show and so much more.
Coffee lover?

Modern and super tech-savy is the motto throughout the hotel as it boasts smart tvs, treadmills that help your run be that bit more entertaining with in-built televisions. To cater to all music lovers, with the swift download of an app over their FREE wifi connection you can select the music that plays in the restaurant- think 1950's jukebox at a diner!

Kai Bleul the hotel value centre general manager showing us the hotel rooms

How comfy does that bed look?

I love to sleep, my middle name should be 'sleep' not Priscilla which is why I was so impressed to learn that Everyhotel Picadilly have rooms with sound proof windows and amazing king sized beds with enough room to starfish, rolypoly or sleep in that annoying awkward position, one word- bliss!

Feeling hungry? The hotel's menu offers an array of delicious pizzas, burgers, pasta and fresh salads perfect for a pre-show dinner and in the morning before heading home you can have a hearty buffet breakfast!

Dinner is served

Not a limp lettuce leaf in sight-fresh and crisp


If you are visiting London and not only want to watch a play or musical, have you ever thought of doing a haunted theatre tour? Diane, our tour guide from secret london walking tours  had us gripped with ghostly stories about some of London's most loved theatres.

Diane our tour guide was great and kept the tour  spoocktactular

We never lost sight of our tour guide- spot the green and black brolly

Goodwin Court, Diagon Alley's doppelgänger
 Did you know?

  • The Royal Haymarket is putting on a production of Mr Foote's other leg about actor Samuel Foote who had his leg amputated without any general anaesthetics! It is believed that the saying 'break a leg' was coined from his misfortune
  • The Coliseum theatre is haunted by a solider who has a seat of choice in Row G - Could be worst ay? 
  • The Lyceum theatre home to the Lion King has a lady more specifically Madam Marie Tussards who is known to sit amongst the audience with a severed head on her lap, but hey Hakuna Matata!
  • It is considered bad luck to whistle whilst working in the theatre, so whistle while you work is not to be done under any circumstances! 
  • The most haunted theatre in London is Theatre Royal Dury Lane (currently showing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) with one of it's three(!!) ghosts being a clown which appears in the mirrors. I think this ghost is a bad nut! 

Hakuna Matata  even if a Madam has a severed head in her lap
Fancy sitting next to a solider? The coliseum is your best bet

The next time your in theatre land be sure to look out for any spooky shadows lurking in the aisles but at least you will be ghost free and comfortable if you book your stay with Every hotel.

Do you have a favourite musical or play?  :-)


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  1. Wow the Every Hotel looks amazing. You got me hooked at the coffee machine! I'm also a huge fan of the lion king. I've seen it twice and really want to take Lamb as its his favourite DVD/book at the moment. He loves pointing out "the naughty lion"! X

    1. The lion king is great on screen and stage, I love it and I'm sure Lamb will too. haha the coffee machine IS a bonus :-) x

  2. I love the Lion King, actually I love anything Disney related but have sadly never seen a theatre production of any sort of Disney show! I've heard the Lion King is amazing though, and would love to see it, maybe I'll start dropping hints for my next birthday, or for Christmas this year! Soundproofed rooms, a bed big enough to roly poly on, free wifi and amazing food, where do I check in! xx

    1. Ooh you should definitely try to go!! Honestly, the rooms were sooo quiet, you wouldn't believe that Leicester square was right outside! :-) x

  3. Gosh! You lucky ducky ;) We've only just recently been going to the theatre and really enjoyed the musicals we've watched.I think so far Avenue Q has been my favourite this year, soemthing like the Lion King woi=uld be awesome to watch.

  4. I love the look of that hotel. Very unique. I am a big musical fan although haven't been for years due to having children. Would love to see Cats, Billy Elliot and the Lion King. Maybe one day.

  5. Looks like a lovely hotel. What a great idea for an activity for theatre lovers :) I know some friends who would love this. We use to go a lot but now we spend our time watching kiddie shows instead!! :) xx

  6. Ohhh this looks like an amazing hotel! That bed looks so comfy and I really love that there's such a selection of food on the menu, all of which, looks delicious. I would love to do a haunted theatre tour! Not sure I'd like a clown appearing in the mirror though, how creepy would that be?!

  7. That hotel looks gorgeous! The TV & bed are amazing! I'd love to stay there - looks like the perfect place for exploring London. Great tip on the walking tour. London has so much to see & do! x

  8. Oh this hotel looks fab - and the tour, I have never done one. I would love to see The Lion King - i hear it is amazing. Kaz x

  9. I have never done a spooky walk before although I know hubby would love to. We do have a few around Liverpool but i'm too scared lolx


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