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The truth about tipping: Do you leave a tip?

Scenario one : The date is set, outfit planned, restaurant booked
It's a special occasion...a new job, new car, new house. Congratulations
Your palms are sweaty, mouth dry as you walk into the  warmly lit restaurant
It's a grill house, your favourite and you already know what you are going to order
The front of house is friendly, she leads you to your table and offers you drinks with the promise that your waiter or waitress will be straight over to take your order......

Then you wait.....

5mins later: It doesn't matter, you are thirsty but you are surrounded by friends and family

25mins later: Your drinks arrive, no apology, no smiles, just a sullen face of a waiter who looks like he just wants to be at home watching re-runs of Top Gear.

The meal is nice, but the customer service you receive throughout has put you off.

The bill arrives....Do you leave a tip?

Scenario Two: Happy Birthday little one! Excitement overload as you guide your excited son or daughter and two of their bestest friends into the restaurant of their choosing.

Balloons, colouring books and crayons- you never knew a wax coloured pencil could bring so much joy, but it does and as a parent your happy that your children are happy.

Then a fellow diner says, not to you, but loud enough for you to hear " This is why I hate coming here,  so many noisy  children"


You hadn't noticed, you remind yourself that perhaps it's your super parent ears allowing you to filter and eliminate noise.

You apologise but the diners faces remains in a scowl and you realise that although your children are quiet the restaurant is still a jingle with the clatter of dropped cutlery, screams of hungry babies and laughter of parents and children.

The service was amazing, but your fellow diners made it slightly uncomfortable.The bill arrives...Do you leave a tip?

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What do you think? Are you a generous tipper or do you not bother? Let me know in the comments below :-)

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  1. Tricky one. I've only come across the 'do you want to leave a tip' things on a credit card machine, and I've always presumed this is eaten up by the management. I don't tip, as a rule, UNLESS I can give it to the person themselves ..mind, this is usually because I rarely eat out and as a pensioner, I am on barely the minimum wage myself!

    1. I don't either, I always click 'no' on those machines. If I wanted to, like you and kelila I would rather give it to the specific member of staff.:-) x

  2. It is a tricky situation. I've had waiters were I leave them a 50% tip because they were awesome. And I've had experiences where I begrudgingly left 15% because I felt they didn't deserve it. And no, it wasn't because they were understaffed or it was busy. My waiter was crappy. PERIOD. There's no easy solution, unless the restaurants start paying at least min. wage.

  3. I find tipping very confusing! How do you know how much to give? Normally when we're out as a group, the girls and I give about €2 each as a tip and it ends up at a tenner.

  4. I find tipping tough as well. Its so hard, especially when you don't know where the tip is going! Really good post!

  5. Tipping is not common in my country but when I tip, I do it before the meal. I think I get better service that way. Oh drat! I just shared my secret

  6. I never leave a tip on the card machine if paying by card, I always leave a tip to the waiter/waitress. If I have had bad service I wont tip, my husband will usually leave something though. On the other hand if I have had great service I always tip a bit more.

  7. I only tip, if the service has been good. Grumpy waiter/ waitress , sorry no tip

  8. I'll only tip if I get friendly, helpful and enthusiastic customer service, sadly it rarely happens. I think people shouldn't expect a tip, you're already paying enough for your meal and sometimes VAT, etc. is added on. If someone is fantastic and friendly though I'll always reward that.

  9. I always tip 20%. If the service is bad, I just usually tell myself they may be having a bad day and I don't know what that person is going through. If it is really really bad, I think you should tell the manager. That would have more of an impact than not leaving a tip anyway.

  10. I always, always tip. If the service isn't great, I won't tip as much, but I still leave something. You never know what's going on in someone's life. They could have 3 children at home to support and we all know they make close to nothing hourly and really rely on those tips!

  11. I'll be the Devil's advocate here.. I think waitresses/waiters should get an hourly wage from there employer, & tip be optional. Mainly because, I work really really hard, I bust my ass to get a special night out w my husband. So if we spend $100 on expensive drinks & an expensive meal, why should we have to leave 20% for the same service we would've received if we hadn't made the choice to spoil ourselves & had instead ordered an appetizer to split & some waters? 20% of the amount of money I'm spending on myself is not an indicator of the service provided. An hourly wage is, & me tipping because my kid was a pain & made a mess is a tip. I would honestly go get my food myself if that was an option just because thats how I am! I just don't see me choosing to spoil myself meaning the server gets spoiled too. It shouldn't be a % (Ps- I was a waitress, cocktail server, & bartender for years, it can be great money but it shouldn't be demanded!)

  12. I feel quite strongly about this. Firstly, I think it's sad where the restaurant management take the tips and the waiters don't see it. I don't mind if it gets split between the kitchen and waiting staff, or the individual keeps it - as long as the regular staff are getting it. That said, if the service is bad, then I won't leave a tip. It need to be deserved.

  13. I do usually leave a tip, I feel it's very much expected. However, if the service has been bad then I have been known to not leave one.

  14. I'll tip unless the waiter has just done an awful job.

  15. I leave a tip depending on the service I have received. I always leave one at the hairdressers. I was amazed on a trip to America just how much you are expected to leave a tip

  16. I tend to leave 10%, but if I had a bad experience I wouldn't. This reminds me of that episode of Friends when Ross tops up Rachels dads tip and gets busted for it!

  17. I'll only ever tip if the service and/or food is good. In the UK, minimum wage means no one is working just for their tips. A tip is a bonus. X

  18. I always tip because I always put myself in the waiter's shooes. I wouldn't want to people to come to the restaurant that Im working in and not tip.


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