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How to avoid bedtime

7:00 pm

 The bubble gum happy children television presenters say goodnight, bedtime stories are read, soft cheeks are kissed and the night light shines bright until morning time

Good night, sleep tight mummy and daddies across the world whisper as little eyes flutter with the urge to keep awake but not quite managing as the force of tiredness transports our little darlings to the land of sweet dreams

As I close the door, I take a minute to listen, to listen for the toys that turn on suddenly by themselves, the cracks of crayons getting trodden on or the drone of a once loved musical teddy bear losing it's tune. We listen....

Silence, lovely

8:00 pm

Time to catch up on what's baking in the bake off tent, all the latest celebrity gossip from the weekly magazines, or watch that movie that everyone keeps telling you that you would love, all whilst scrolling through my social media platforms and live tweeting throughout

Then just as Paul Hollywood samples his fifth sugary delight, I hear the pittar patter of tiny feet across the landing, then it goes silent replaced by the long drone out call of:



Thank God for the ability to pause live television, because even if I wanted to watch it, a little munchkin is standing in front of the screen demanding attention in the form of cuddles and more goodnight kisses

And resume: The show stoppers are amazing and you manage to finish the show without any interruptions just a niggling urge to empty all the cupboards and bake, even if it is with the help of  good old Betty Crocker


How many times can a little one jump out of bed?
How many times can a little one ask for more cuddles, teddy bears, water, turn the light on, turn the light off, no, no...turn it on! 
After all of that is usually done and all is quiet for a second, I will often hear this from my Lei-Lei:

"Yes Lei?"
"Just checking your there"

10:00 pm

It has gone quiet although any noise, be it a stray cat screeching at the moon, or the neighbours taking out the bin, you think it is your little one waking for the 100th time and you catch yourself stopping and pausing throughout the evening.

Three Bedtime tips and tricks
  1. Avoid Co-Sleeping: If Lei could get away with abandoing her own bed all together than she would. As a tiny tot, it helped us both to get a good nights sleep but as she got older I realised that the longer she avoided her own bedroom, the harder it would be for her to want to stay in her own room. If it can be avoided, do not give in to little one staying in your bed, you might find yourself going back and fourth about ten times through the night, but it will be worth it.
  2.  Choose night comforts carefully:   A night light is the number one choice for a night time comfort, these are okay as they are not much of a distraction. As lei gets older, she wants all sorts to join in with the night time routine and whilst a night light is fine, I draw the line at her tablet as I know she will be playing games or watching cartoons until tiredness wins her over.
  3.  Establish a routine: .7:00pm is bed time unless it's the weekend or holidays then I will relax the routine slightly. A routine has been key for my family as I have worked so hard on it .Most nights Lei will sleep from seven until seven in the morning and then on the other nights she will test her luck with as many 'I don't want to go to bed' tricks! haha

Does your little one sleep through the night or do they try their hardest to avoid bedtime? Let me know in the comments below :-) x

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    1. I love your tips and I completely agree with them! I think routine is so crucial for young ones!

    2. lol I had to laugh at the just checking if you're there. That's so cute! Not when they are meant to be asleep of course :) Routine is key & not co-sleeping. Thankfully my kiddies all sleep the night now but my 2nd & 3rd kiddies didn't sleep right until they were over 2yrs old. x

    3. We used to have this every night. Little man used to come downstairs loads of times. Now he's just started school he is far to tired, goes to bed and has a story then goes straight to sleep he he. Thanks school ha ha xx

    4. Some really great tips, a routine is definitely important! I don't get why every kid does this - how do they all learn how to avoid bedtime!? Haha!

      C x | Lux Life

    5. We've had a routine since 3 months old but both my toddler and 8 month old wake in the night. I just keep thinking it'll be payback when they are teenagers and want lie ins!

    6. I don't have kiddos yet but the two that I nanny know that whoever is putting them to bed follows the same routine so it makes it easier when I'm there versus M or D.

    7. I don't have kiddos yet but the two that I nanny know that whoever is putting them to bed follows the same routine so it makes it easier when I'm there versus M or D.

    8. Gosh that sounds rough. Thankfully my lil one her head hits the pillow and she is gone out like the light!

    9. I think my little boy will be exactly like that in years to come. He's 17 months and not great at falling asleep but once he's asleep at about 8-8.30 he'll sleep through until about 7, which is great considering that 6 months ago he was waking up 4-5 times a night! We are co-sleeping still, I know I'll need to move him eventually but I'm not ready yet!

    10. Great post -I refused to let my older three in my bed at any time, but with Pickle I wasn't so uptight. He goes to bed ok and joins me at some point 4-6am. I like the snuggles ;) Kaz x


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