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9 things not to say to people with allergies


1. Omg, you can't eat [ insert a-z of your chosen food allergy],  What do you eat?
- Food. we eat everything you eat, just not anything that will make us sick, no we don't miss it, yes, we can live without it, and no we are really not missing out

2. I brought this cake, it has nuts, I know your allergic but you can just scrape them off the top

- Thank you for remembering that I have an allergy. Thank you for buying said item to blow my  face off. Thank you for telling me to scrap it off. I hope you have the emergency services on standby!

3. Go on, just try a little bit

--Why? Why would you ask me to do that? I am not an experiment, I am not a toy. I can not try it, not even the smallest bite

4. Why havn't you outgrown it?

--The same reason the sky is blue....I really don't know

5. Just because you have an allergy, doesn't mean your child has an allergy

--This is usually said by someone who doesn't have allergies and doesn't understand that it can be passed down from generation to generation

6. My cousin so and so from far far away was allergic to ants and got this syrup called chddjnfggygysdshkkk. You should try it!

--Maybe, I shouldn't. I understand some people just want to help, but if I wrote the number of times some aunty's brothers best friend's cousin  had a remedy I would be rich

7. So you can't eat peanuts? what about peanut butter?

--   * sigh*

8." Are you alright?"
    "Just hayfever"
    "Are you sure your alright? I think your getting a cold"

--Nope, just hayfever. I'll be okay once I sneeze ten more times and itch my eyes for the hundredth time

9. So your 'electric'? or some other hilarious allergy related joke

--My sister when she was younger knew I had a nut allergy. She asked me whilst she was eating peanuts if I was 'electric' ( she meant allergic) and threw a peanut at me. Hilarious at the time because she was only little. But not so funny, if the sufferer has severe reactions to touch and scent

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How to avoid bedtime

7:00 pm

 The bubble gum happy children television presenters say goodnight, bedtime stories are read, soft cheeks are kissed and the night light shines bright until morning time

Good night, sleep tight mummy and daddies across the world whisper as little eyes flutter with the urge to keep awake but not quite managing as the force of tiredness transports our little darlings to the land of sweet dreams

As I close the door, I take a minute to listen, to listen for the toys that turn on suddenly by themselves, the cracks of crayons getting trodden on or the drone of a once loved musical teddy bear losing it's tune. We listen....

Silence, lovely

8:00 pm

Time to catch up on what's baking in the bake off tent, all the latest celebrity gossip from the weekly magazines, or watch that movie that everyone keeps telling you that you would love, all whilst scrolling through my social media platforms and live tweeting throughout

Then just as Paul Hollywood samples his fifth sugary delight, I hear the pittar patter of tiny feet across the landing, then it goes silent replaced by the long drone out call of:



Thank God for the ability to pause live television, because even if I wanted to watch it, a little munchkin is standing in front of the screen demanding attention in the form of cuddles and more goodnight kisses

And resume: The show stoppers are amazing and you manage to finish the show without any interruptions just a niggling urge to empty all the cupboards and bake, even if it is with the help of  good old Betty Crocker


How many times can a little one jump out of bed?
How many times can a little one ask for more cuddles, teddy bears, water, turn the light on, turn the light off, no, no...turn it on! 
After all of that is usually done and all is quiet for a second, I will often hear this from my Lei-Lei:

"Yes Lei?"
"Just checking your there"

10:00 pm

It has gone quiet although any noise, be it a stray cat screeching at the moon, or the neighbours taking out the bin, you think it is your little one waking for the 100th time and you catch yourself stopping and pausing throughout the evening.

Three Bedtime tips and tricks
  1. Avoid Co-Sleeping: If Lei could get away with abandoing her own bed all together than she would. As a tiny tot, it helped us both to get a good nights sleep but as she got older I realised that the longer she avoided her own bedroom, the harder it would be for her to want to stay in her own room. If it can be avoided, do not give in to little one staying in your bed, you might find yourself going back and fourth about ten times through the night, but it will be worth it.
  2.  Choose night comforts carefully:   A night light is the number one choice for a night time comfort, these are okay as they are not much of a distraction. As lei gets older, she wants all sorts to join in with the night time routine and whilst a night light is fine, I draw the line at her tablet as I know she will be playing games or watching cartoons until tiredness wins her over.
  3.  Establish a routine: .7:00pm is bed time unless it's the weekend or holidays then I will relax the routine slightly. A routine has been key for my family as I have worked so hard on it .Most nights Lei will sleep from seven until seven in the morning and then on the other nights she will test her luck with as many 'I don't want to go to bed' tricks! haha

Does your little one sleep through the night or do they try their hardest to avoid bedtime? Let me know in the comments below :-) x

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    Hello, is your mother home?

    It's the kind of morning when the snooze button has been pressed five times, resulting in you being half an hour late as you rush around trying to pair the right shade of grey socks together, find the missing school shoe, book bag and sparkly fluffy pencil for little one to show the  class!

    It's the kind of morning where your feeling lucky

    The queue is long, the lady in front of you is sharing gossip with the cashier, they laugh and you feel annoyed that they are making you wait to talk about EastEnders.

    Finally your turn, you  ask for a lottery ticket and the cashier looks at you and asks for some form of identification and on that particular morning, despite feeling exhausted and looking exhausted,  you have never been so happy to hand over id to prove your age


    It's that kind of afternoon, an afternoon with no plans or expectations
    The kind of afternoon where you change into pyjamas and become one with the sofa as you binge watch an entire box set on netflix
    The kind of afternoon where you sit legs crossed, cup of tea nearby whilst you lose yourself in the chapters of a new book
    The kind of afternoon where you feel like baking and then two hours later your kitchen and tummy is welcoming the warm, sugary aromas of biscuits and cupcakes
    The kind of afternoon when you are having a 'no make up' day and there is a knock on the door...
    You're not looking your best but gingerly you open the door and it's a door to door sales man
    It's the kind of afternoon where you are not in the mood to be sold windows, guttering, mood rings and silver but then he is not interested in you, because out of his mouth, like music to your ears he says: " Hello, is your mother home?"

    And on that kind of afternoon, you become thirteen again, no longer do you live in your own house and pay your own bills, oh no! On that kind of afternoon you reply: " No, my mum's not home and won't be back until late"

    When you are  younger, you can't wait to surpass certain age milestones, often wishing the youthful years away. Then when they're gone and seventeen seems so far away you become grateful for the small reminders that perhaps we don't look as old as we feel, especially when you have a little munchkin like my lei who for some reason thinks I'm ancient...

    • Lei: Mum, in the olden days, did you have netflix?
    • Lei: In the olden days there used to be dinosaurs, mummy did you see them?

     So, tell me do you get mistaken for looking younger or older than you are? :-) x

    Roald Dahl Day

    Welcome, one and welcome all into the wonderfully, absolutely spectacular writing room of Mr Roald Dahl. A man who has created magic with literature for millions and millions of children and adults around the world.

    Today,  the 13th of September, Mr Dahl's special day, his birthday, we remember his creative use for words and appreciate some of the work he has produced. Happy Roald Dahl Day!

    The Witches
    "An idiotic vitch like you must rrroast upon the barbecue!"
     Synopsis: Immerse yourself in the world of The Witches. These detestable creatures disguise themselves as ladies and they hate children with a passion. Luckily one boy, thanks to his grandmother, knows how to recognise witches and knows about their tricks and schemes. With the help of some Formula 86, they might be able to get rid of them for good.

     My favourite scene from the book is when grandmamma is retelling the horror of what witches are capable of doing. The little girl who got entrapped in the picture scared me so much haha! But still, I read on completely gripped from start to finish.

    The Twits
    Synopsis: Mr and Mrs Twit are the most disgusting and smelly of people. They're not nice, and love to play tricks on each other - tricks that include glass eyes, slimy frogs and wormy spaghetti. But the Twits don't just treat each other badly, they treat everyone and everything badly, and soon the monkeys they keep in a cage and the birds they trap for bird pie will play the biggest trick ever on the pair of them.

    • The best couple award goes to the Twits! The muggle-wumps revenge is the greatest although the tricks the twits play on each other is dreadfully funny as well, wormy spaghetti anyone?

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    “Whipped cream isn't whipped cream at all if it hasn't been whipped with whips, just like poached eggs isn't poached eggs unless it's been stolen in the dead of the night.”
    Synopsis: Enter the world of Golden Tickets, chocolate bars and the mysterious chocolate factory owner, Mr Willy Wonka. Charlie has won the chance of a lifetime and is one of the five lucky children to be allowed to enter the chocolate factory, but what delicious surprises await them on the other side of the factory gates?
    • My favourite scene is when Violet Beauregarde blows up into an enormous blueberry after chewing the gum which is a three course dinner.( I can't blame her for trying it, it sounds amazing, why has noone invented gum like that yet? ha ha)

    Lei's favourite Roald Dahl book is Matilda; I took her to see the musical earlier in the year which she loved, she still sings the songs. Next will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is amazing to see the stories come to life on stage. Can you imagine The Twits as a musical?

    Which Roald Dahl book is your favourite? Have you seen any of the musical adaptations?

    The truth about tipping: Do you leave a tip?

    Scenario one : The date is set, outfit planned, restaurant booked
    It's a special occasion...a new job, new car, new house. Congratulations
    Your palms are sweaty, mouth dry as you walk into the  warmly lit restaurant
    It's a grill house, your favourite and you already know what you are going to order
    The front of house is friendly, she leads you to your table and offers you drinks with the promise that your waiter or waitress will be straight over to take your order......

    Then you wait.....

    5mins later: It doesn't matter, you are thirsty but you are surrounded by friends and family

    25mins later: Your drinks arrive, no apology, no smiles, just a sullen face of a waiter who looks like he just wants to be at home watching re-runs of Top Gear.

    The meal is nice, but the customer service you receive throughout has put you off.

    The bill arrives....Do you leave a tip?

    Scenario Two: Happy Birthday little one! Excitement overload as you guide your excited son or daughter and two of their bestest friends into the restaurant of their choosing.

    Balloons, colouring books and crayons- you never knew a wax coloured pencil could bring so much joy, but it does and as a parent your happy that your children are happy.

    Then a fellow diner says, not to you, but loud enough for you to hear " This is why I hate coming here,  so many noisy  children"


    You hadn't noticed, you remind yourself that perhaps it's your super parent ears allowing you to filter and eliminate noise.

    You apologise but the diners faces remains in a scowl and you realise that although your children are quiet the restaurant is still a jingle with the clatter of dropped cutlery, screams of hungry babies and laughter of parents and children.

    The service was amazing, but your fellow diners made it slightly uncomfortable.The bill arrives...Do you leave a tip?

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    What do you think? Are you a generous tipper or do you not bother? Let me know in the comments below :-)

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