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Life after Frozen....

Anna and Elsa

Their names are said as though they are old friends, if they knocked on your door, they would be greeted with warm smiles and copious amounts of hot drinks. After all, our little princess' and prince's have been singing 'let it go' continuously, your spotify last played track is only ever from that soundtrack and as you stir your morning coffee, you find yourself absentmindedly asking yourself if you can build snowmen.

Your house has frozen fever!

The songs are on loop and your life has been turned into a frozen wonderland- mugs, plates,cutlery, dolls, roller skates, linen and furniture.......

Every single item is inspired by the latest craze!

But what happens when the ice thaws and the new 'in' thing has taken over your wallpapers? Do you strip the walls and start from scratch, just to do it again in another 2-3 years time?

I learnt the hard way.

When Lei was younger, she loved Peppa pig.

I loved Peppa pig!

 ....And like a magpie to silver, every Peppa covered item was added to the evergrowing collection of  box sets, various stuffed Peppa toys, bedding and regrettably a Peppa Pig book shelf and toy basket holder thingy-me- bob!

I say regrettably because now Lei has outgrown Peppa, and Peppa doesn't age, so while I have a six year old who loves singing along to Frozen one week and then binge watches Fireman Sam while she hums songs from Matilda the musical the next; Peppa and her ever-growing merchandise is timeless and not getting a look in.

Bookshelf I brought for Lei- similiar*
Now if I had to buy furniture to match the latest television programmes or movies Lei is into on a weekly basis, I wouldn't be able to keep up.

No one told me to just stick to a theme that would grow with my little one, soft pinks and quirky purples, all would have been fine; but then would I have listened?

 Honestly, no.

I too, as I said became besotted with the sassy little piglet and spared no thought to the fact that one day my little princess will not be 2 ½ anymore and that she will one day not want to use her back packs anymore because of Peppa's  face dominating the front!

 According to Lei : ' Peppa is for babies, next time mummy can I have a bag with a cat.!”

Cue, Hello Kitty! *sigh*

There is nothing wrong in buying character bits and bobs for our little ones, I hold my hands up for being guilty of following the trend. But where I am now drawing the line, is in going to town with every single item from that characters line of gifts and products.

Children grow and their preferences and style change everyday as they get older and more in tune with their personalities

Today's Frozen is tomorrows Minions...

What are your thoughts? Are you now stuck with various character themed items as your child moves onto the next craze?

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  1. Ooohh, I didn't think of this. Maybe I'll stick to character clothes or toys but not decoration? Good article.


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