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The reality of food shopping

You open the fridge.

Milk, 3 eggs and a limp cucumber that's oozing some unsavoury liquid.

There is nothing to eat. In the entire house there is nothing.

A decision based solely on looking in the fridge.

The freezer got bypassed, it's so full your playing frozen veg jenga every time you open it to get an ice lolly.

The cupboards?

 Well, the cupboards are full to bursting and if you add any more tins of baked beans onto it's manic shelves it might just fart in protest!

But no, there is nothing.

So you write a list, only the basics you tell yourself....Milk, bread, eggs and cheese oh and those nando sachets thingies to recreate a 'cheeky' chicken dinner.

So with your list in one hand and determination to stick to the list etched into your brain, you head out to your nearest supermarket.

It is busy, always so busy....

Trolley or basket, trolley or basket..... so many decisions before you've even walked through the doors! You opt for a trolley a decision you will regret on your way out.

The store workers are packing the shelves whilst the customers are shopping causing everyone to play musical trolleys with unstable looking crates, pushchairs carting overgrown children and grandmas with their mobility trolleys.


You made it through the first four aisles, but during your trolley dodging and saying hello to old friends stocking up on digestive biscuits, you haven't noticed that your own trolley is half full!

How? When? Who did that? #wasn'tme

My own two items only shop!

  • Two for the price of one- Two boxes of Porridge
  •  Buy one get one free-  Yay! more socks!
  •  25p off cat food-You don't have a cat.Whose cat you gonna feed?Your allergic to cats! 

 Every opportunity and bargain is used to fill your trolley.
 "Oooooh apple cutters, egg timers and bottle openers are on sale," Buy them and add them to the three of each you already have at home.

All of which are:

Unopened. In the box. Slightly dusty. #bargainhoarderhunter

The trolley is getting harder to push, your shopping list is scrunched up and stuck together with your stale chewing gum.

Unreadable and now completely irrelevant.

100 items.

Well done, you are now fully stocked

Until next week.......

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  1. So true, pop in for 3 items leave with 20 !!
    Made me chuckle , good post 👍

  2. This is so so true, I am a nightmare when it comes to food shopping, or any type for that matter! i definately come out with main aisle! Great post x

    1. Thanks Sian :-) Glad I'm not the only one, my cupboards is it's own mini supermarket at the moment! x

  3. I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm queen of writing the list and forgetting! Last week I couldn't go to do the shopping so hubby had to go I honestly thought he'd shop wise ha he went with a list but totally did not stick to it ! Great post we should set up a support group and buddy up when shopping be the voice of reason lol

    1. lol Oh dear, we should, something obviously happens to us once we step into the shop!

  4. My husband does our weekly shop as what you just described is me!

    1. Very wise, especially if he is good at getting what exactly what is needed! :-) x

  5. this is why i now always meal plan. i then shop once a week get the ingredients i need for the week. Ive saved so much money doing this xx

  6. I went to town this morning with a list consisting of 8 items. I come home with 7 bags bursting and £120 worse off. Eff my life lol x

  7. Ah, I'm a stickler for menu planning so I only buy what I need each week.It has been really with the kids home when we go shopping to stick to what we need and not what the kids want.

  8. This is completely true! I love it! I always annoy myself when I go food shopping, ever full of good intensions but always failing miserably! xxx

  9. Haha! This is exactly why my husband is in charge of food shopping!


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