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Believing in make believe

As we near the end of summer many will dread the return of the darker evenings and the chilly
autumn bite on the napes of our necks that we fight away with woolly hats, chunky knitted
scarves and hot chocolates in our favourite novelty mugs.....

September skips by with school children at its heels wearing brand new uniforms and shiny black shoes, anxious mums riddled with first day nerves and relieved dads, thankful they made it through the six weeks holiday

October with it's fallen leaves, trick or treats and bobbing apples

Shy November not one for fuss makes way for its neighbour….

December, when good 'ole Saint Nick will be bestowing gifts , candy canes will decorate Christmas trees and festive songs will serenade us as we go about our daily chores

December, the month when parents drink the milk left for Santa, leave a trail of cookie crumbs and nibble the carrot left for Rudolph. The month that parents become Father Christmas….

Throughout the year parents take on new roles as we use our imagination and creativity to become the tooth fairy, Easter bunny and many other fictional characters

We create Easter egg hunts, fill stockings and tiptoe into rooms, careful not to wake our little ones with feet that are not quite as nimble as a tooth fairy's

Growing up I loved when Father Christmas left a handwritten letter and that the tooth fairy never  missed a tooth. I  was quite saddened on the day that I realised that none of these fictional characters were real.

Fast forward and along comes Lei and I couldn’t wait to re-live the magic that I so believed in.

One problem: I have a daughter who questions EVERYTHING!


Lei: Mummy how will Santa know I'm at nanny's?
Me: Oh he knows everything 
Lei: How does Santa get all the presents?
Lei: But we don't have that thing Santa goes down?
Lei: Mummy is Santa pretend?
Me: ................................

Tooth fairy

Lei: Mum, are you the tooth fairy?
Me: Um.....
After watching an episode of Once Upon a Time
Lei: Mum is the blue fairy real?
Lei: I was just wondering if she could be the tooth fairy.....

Is it fair to completely confess that none of it is real when I know that Lei, despite her many questions, still loves to place her tooth under her pillow in anticipation for the tooth fairy and that at Christmas, she will hang her stocking up and try her hardest not to fall asleep so as to catch Santa bringing her gifts. So for me no, I will keep playing make believe until Lei stops believing, after all being Santa is a serious job.....

What is your approach for confessing that the Easter bunny/tooth fairy/ Santa is not real?
Do your children still believe? Let me know in the comments below :-)

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  1. I had a conversation with my mother in law last week about this subject. My daughter is 11, and I have no idea if she believes or not. She has out grown the tooth fairy as she didn't bother when her last tooth came out, but I have no idea about Father Christmas, now I know she shouldn't, but how do I bring the conversation up, I just can not bring myself to ask and shatter her dreams, so hoping she takes the lead x

    1. Exactly, because there is that very tiny chance she might, hopefully she takes the lead which is what I'd want Lei to do as well :-)

  2. I haven't decided yet how to deal with this issue. I want my son to stay little and naive for as long as possible, and to be honest I assume friends and peers will be the ones to break the truth to him but I'll probably still go along with the magic of all the childhood characters even if he does know ;)
    My parents never sat me down and told me the 'truth' but even now I pretend to my dad that I'm going to write a letter to Father Christmas hahah x

    1. Your right, it most probably will be someone from school, but like you, I think I will still be playing along. :-) x

  3. Ooohhh I'm glad I'm so far away from the age of not believing. D is only 2 so only just starting to get in to the magic of it all. I shall be trying my best to keep it going as long as i can... After all, I'm 32 and I still believe in Santa x :)

    1. Good idea the longer the better afterall I think we all still believe just a little bit ;-) x

  4. I'm sure children are smarter than we are. I know I was, but not what happened when I grew up.

    / Avy

  5. I can't wait to start these traditions with my LO (she's still a bit young yet) but then I do dread the day that she starts to cotton on that they're not real and we've been lying to her! Aaahhhhh!

  6. I cannot wait to start these traditions with my niece, there is nothing better than a child that truly believes in all the good and magic in the world! It will be sad to have to tackle the not being real part though, but got a few years left before that happens!

    Love Sian | The Tattooed Princess

  7. Although my girlie is 13 months old we've been discussing with hubby how we are going to deal with these sort of things. As I'm originally from Argentina we have added problem of things being slightly different there: we have the Perez mouse in the place of a tooth fairy! Lol x

  8. Believe for as long as possible! When that belief is gone, the magic dies :(

  9. My girlie is just over a year but we've being discussing with hubby how we are going to deal with these sort of things. As I'm originally from Argentina we have the added problem of some traditions/ characters bein slightly different: we have Perez Mouse bringing money in the place of the tooth fairy! Lol

  10. This is such a sweet post! And I agree with Jo above, believe for as long as possible :)


  11. Such a lovely post :) My kids are waaayy past makebelieve unfortunately but we used to write little tiny notes when my youngest was small - in response to her notes to the tooth fairy. I still have them in a box to treasure forever.

  12. Our eldest boys 15 & 13 don't believe in anything, our 11yo daughter still believed in Santa last year but this year is doubtful, although she is smart enough to know if she believe's she'll get more, we haven't really address it formally. My 1 and 2 year old will be encouraged to enjoy Christmas but I'm not sure about the easter bunny and tooth fairy if i'm being honest. I may go down the tooth fairy road but not the easter bunny (which in my opinion is really a commerical holiday with no meaning at all), they'll get eggs, but i've seen some people treat it as a mini christmas that will not be happening. You have to draw the line.

  13. My 11 year old only found out just before Christmas that Santa wasn't real as some of her friends were talking about it at school. She was more upset when she found out the tooth fairy wasn't real though as she'd had her heart set on becoming one when she was older! LOL

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  14. My son is 2 1/2 so we aren't at this stage yet but I can't wait until he believes in Santa etc. At the moment I'm trying to teach him about the dummy fairy who takes his dummy's in the night and leaves money! Xx

  15. My Two are still small so lots of years left to enjoy santa, easter bunny and tooth fairy

  16. Oh it's so hard to keep the magic alive these days! Every family is different now and I think they are finding out younger and younger.

  17. Our eldest is 4 so I'm hoping we have a few years before he questions it. To be honest, we never sat with my mum and dad and said we didn't believe. In fact, even up until the last christmas I spent at home (I was 25, my brothers were 22 and 17!) we still put mince pies out for 'Santa'!

  18. My children are 9 and 11 and no longer believe. I think it loses the magic of Christmas a little with no Santa :( x

  19. I think you should keep their pure imagination, I hope when I have kids they will believe for as long as possible

  20. I am dreading the day my girls stop believing. Think I've got a while yet though as Jessica isn't even two yet.

  21. I think that these help a child to believe in the magic of imagination and a Life without that magic lacks a powerfully inspirational force. Great article


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