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A Tribute: Rest in Peace Grandad

My handsome grandad in his younger, healthier days

My grandad had prostate cancer

A secret battle he fought so hard

He remained positive and optimistic until the very end, when on the 11th of July 2015 my grandad was called to heaven

I know we can't all live forever,my grandad would often tell me so himself, but I never thought I would have to say goodbye to the person I love the most, a constant firgue in my life whether we were near or far.

I lived with my grandparents for ten years in the caribbean and whilst here in England, I still spoke to my nanny and grandad everyweek, without fail.

Grandad would ask about my education, give me advice and later when I had Lei, would always ask how she was, how she was getting on at school and if she was a little lady like her nanny.

No Birthdays were forgotten, despite secretly battling cancer and having days where he couldn't get out of bed. A card was always sent, whether it be a month before or month later after the day itself and always signed : To Jade, from Utina and Ivan ( Nanny and Grandad)

I miss my grandad more than words can explain
I miss his sense of humour, his knowledge and intelligence
I'll miss his smile and I'll even miss him asking me for tooth picks after every meal or snack to clean his teeth.

Grandad, I know your at peace now, no more pain, no more suffering and I am extremly thankful that I had you for my grandad. I am thankful that we have so many loving and cherished memories together.

I will never forget you and my love for you will have no end.

Do not cry little darlyn, is what you'd say, it might be hard but I will try, I have to be strong because that's all you ever were.

I love you Grandad, rest in peace

Rest always in peace

My Grandad had 7 children, 20 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren

My nanny is the strongest woman I know, she gives us all strength

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