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Diary of a fussy eater

The diary of a fussy eater from 6 months onwards as recalled by her not so fussy mumma

6 months old

My baby can eat, the possibilities are endless! I can peel a potato, boil a potato, blitz it in a fancy blender thingy then pour my pureed potatoes into ice cube moulds......or maybe I'll just get a jar. 

I'm excited.

Baby's in her highchair, wearing a bib and a gummy smile. I wonder if she can sense that something exciting is going to happen.

I scoop a spoonful of food on to the spoon and move it towards Lei's pursed lips. 

" Ummmm, yummy" I coax.

Lei blows a raspberry. False start. I'll try again.

Raspberries blown: 2 Food eaten: 0

Aeroplane time. 

I fly the spoon through the air, Lei's very special aircraft courtesy of: please eat for mummy airlines.

She smiles

I hold my breath

Raspberries 3

Perhaps a train would work...chugger chugger chugger into the tunnnel

Raspberries 4

I pretend to eat- fail

Nanny pretends to eat- Fail

I feel like we're re-creating Goldilocks and the three bears and I'm slowly losing the will,

and considering no food is being digested, I have a bubba with a dirty bib, food round her mouth and sticky hands from clutching at the choo choo spoon. 

I imitate Lei and blow my own raspberry.

Lei laughs, this is funny.

A good old game of I'm not interested in solids.

I set the aeroplane/train spoon down, I will try again later.

Lei and her raspberries: 4 +++++++

Mummy and her baby food: 0

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