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Just What Kind of Mother Are You? -Paula Daly


Your friend's child is missing. It's your fault.

No family is perfect.

A husband, three children and a full-time job, so many plates to keep spinning.

No wonder you forgot you were supposed to be looking after your friend's daughter.

But no one has seen her since yesterday.

And she's not the first to go missing from your small town.

So who's hiding something?

***Contains spoilers

I read this book within the space of 5 days. I havn't read in a while and whilst visiting my local supermarket, I stumbled upon this book amongst the chicklits and James Argent's autobiography.

The title caught my eye, whilst the blurb had my attention. As a mother I know how easy it is to get  pre occupied in a busy routine and that one blip can throw everything out of sync. Which is how I could understand how the main protagonist Lisa, might have forgotten that her friend's daughter was meant to be staying with her.Throughout the novel Daly paints a good picture of 'working mum' life, the interactions with her children and husband were all believable and so very realistic.

From the beginning, I was amazed at how Paula Daly knows how to transport reality into words, into fiction. Long after I had put the book to the side, I would mull the events of the storyline over, and at one point I thought I had watched it on television, which is a testimony to how good the narrative is throughout the story.

The characters are believable and relatable, I think every one knows a Lisa, or Kate although I found Joe to be a bit of a wet blanket. His over use of the word, 'baby' every time he spoke to Lisa, started to jar for me, especially when he is asking her why she cheated. I would have preferred for him to have a bit more backbone.

The plot progresses swiftly and is not hard to get stuck into at all. Daly portrays the narrative from the point of views of Lisa, the detective Joanne and  with little snippets from the suspect. I found certain parts hard to grasp in terms of content, and I think Paula Daly is very brave for tackling the issues that she has within this story. Although, it seems like more than one issue was brought up, each of them with the potential to carry its own plot.

After the intense build up of finding Lucinda and then for her to be found putting up a Christmas tree in a cottage was a bit of an anticlimax for me. I would have preferred if the police found her, not Lisa who is always in the right place at the right time and definitely not playing happy families! Even how they found and captured the suspect was a bit disappointing.

Is the story believable?:::: It is, I understand the being a busy parent, I didn't however get, why Kate wouldn't have phoned to see how her daughter was, if she knew she was not coming home for the night. No one questioned it, not even her husband?

Recommend?:::: I would, just so I could discuss it with someone else. It is a page turner, and will have you guessing and eliminating suspects alongside the detective.

More by the author?::: I will be reading her other work, as I think she is a talented writer.

Motion picture?::: Not quite, but it would make a good tv drama.

Ratings: 4/5

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