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Once Upon a Time....


I love reading.

I get excited at the prospect of a new book. There was once a time when I had to put a spending ban on myself, as I would often walk into a book shop just to 'browse' or walk down the book aisle in a supermarket and leave with two or three books.

My earliest reading memory is my mum reading me the Spot books by Eric Hill and My little pony.


When I started to read by myself, the first book was an Enid Blyton Omnibus. I read that book over and over again. I read it while I ate my breakfast, I read it before I went to bed. The poor book is battered and hot chocolate stained, but gosh is it loved. I found it recently and it pleased me no end to read it to my little princess. I read a chapter a night to her and she listens and asks questions. This just makes me bursts with happiness that she not only likes the books that I enjoyed as a child, but also that she enjoys reading.

My copy of Enid Blyton's Omnibus

Talking of childhood books, one I can't wait to introduce  to Lei's' bookshelf is Ronald Dahl. The master of make believe, the puppeteer of engaging and magical words. Ronald Dahl is a legend and I think that it is fantastic that his legacy is being passed on and enjoyed by so many from across the globe. One of my favorites is the Twits, the grubby, misfit twits held my attention for many an afternoon as I re-read the story over and over again.
Having got through Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and most Sweet Valley high books, I was on the look out for something else, something a little more fulfilling. This is when I was handed Virgina Andrews Heaven; passed on to me by my mother it was another one I reread so many times that it began to fall apart.  I have since brought a new copy, and have read many other titles by Andrews. My favorites are, My sweet Audrina, and  Flowers in the Attic (The movie destroyed the story)

 When I was pregnant I read a lot of 'chick lit' with nothing to really do, I passed the weeks away, delving into books by Sophie Kinsella and Sophie King. My favorite Sophie King novel being The School Run. Sophie Kinsella is known for the shopaholic series, unfortunately I have only read the first installment as once I started university, my taste in genres changed and I found myself leaning towards a new Sophie in the form of  Sophie Hannah, who has written, Little face and Kind of cruel.


Now, I would say I read every genre from  Fantasy and dystopian worlds like The hunger games to the sensual characters in an Eric Jerome Dickey novel.  Although I must say,  if it does not engage me and make me forget the real world then it will be placed promptly on the book shelf, not to be looked at again. A bit like Fifty Shades of Grey......

 I buy a lot of my books but still take my little one to the library as I have such fond memories of going to the library when I was younger, so we  try to go every two weeks. She loves picking out books and filling her little bag up. It's such a shame that many libraries in our area might be closing, but I guess they can't really compete against kindles and audio books.

I prefer a hard copy book and like to look at my books on the book shelf but I have read a few short stories on a kindle and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm still not a hundred percent converted though.

I am always on the look out for new authors and interesting reads and I look forward to sharing my reading journey on my blog.

Now where did I put my book.....

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