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Leap Pad 2: Worth the fuss?

In January Lei turned four.

Every year I say, I'm not going to make a big fuss as  she most probably won't remember it. Well, those years are gone and she has now branched into the year where she does remember; and with her starting nursery and the other children having parties, Lei was even more aware.

So, despite the snow threatening to ruin the afternoon, Lei and twelve of her friends enjoyed running about in an indoor play centre, followed by a light dinner and birthday cake.

Once home, presents were opened and I gave princess a gadget I thought would really help with her learning as well as keep her entertained during car journeys and such.

The such gadget is a Leap Pad 2.

We'd seen the adverts, I'd read the reviews, yet when it came down to buying it, I was torn.

 Should I get a leap pad 2 or a child friendly tablet?

 Is she too young? 

Maybe I should just get a doll.....

In the end, I got the Leap Pad 2, picked up some batteries, then waited until she had unwrapped it, to download all the free stuff she got with the Pad.  I chose not to buy any cartdrige games as I thought I would just download the games like I would for a tablet. Well, was I in for a shock at the prices for the games! £20.00 or less, with the cheapest I found at the time being for £ 7.00. I truly believed, I would have been able to get games for as cheap as the Dr Panda games, which I have on the tablet.

Here are the cons and pros from my experience of having a Leap Pad 2


  1.  Battery life doesn't last very long and after a few short plays a red battery pops up. I did buy an AC Adapter, although I  think it should be a charger as essentially, all it does is allow for the child to play whilst connected to a power source without the need for batteries. Not ideal if in a place where I can't always connect to a socket.
  2. Games are way too expensive. I do understand that some of the games are character based and this would bump the price, but even the non character ones are still expensive for a game that will only get played a few times.
  3. Princess says: Sometimes the games are tricky

  1.  There is no doubt that this is an educational gadget. I first brought a cooking game and was worried that Princess wouldn't be able to do it as it's all about measurements and counting. I needn't have worried, within a few months she had got the hang of it and didn't need my help anymore.
  2. Princess loves music and more often than not, when is playing with the Leap Pad 2, she is listening to the 'punctuation' song. "punc-punc-punc-punctuation" .She hasn't a slightest what it means , but hopefully when she's learning it at school one day, it might make a bit more sense.
  3. Princess says: My Leap pad is the best!

Overall view:  I feel like my tablet gets played with alot more by Princess and seeing as I won the tablet just before Christmas, I could have saved my self some money by not getting the Leap Pad 2 and just letting her use the tablet.

Would I recommend: No. Especially if you have an Ipad or tablet, even if you don't I think the the overall cost for games works out too expensive in the long run.

Have you got a LeapPad/2 at home? What do you think?


  1. :-( had typed a whole essay then my computer fell out with me because I hadn't logged in and needed to clear cookies. However what did say was....

    Imogen has asked for a tablet for Christmas and yes was tempted with the specific children ones but know she has seen and used the Ipad and knows people with them and the downloads and functionality can develop with her development so think although large initial outlay (I want to win one to) in the long run it will be a good investment.

    I have previously bought the leapster readers and although initially interesting they have tended to be left. In hindsight I can not see how the readers would have benefitted her reading but at the time I liked them.

    So Christmas is sorted, wee madam is aware Santa can not spend a million pennies on more presents and she has been very grown up in accepting the fact if she gets an Ipad that is her amazing present. No doubt I'll still end up buying loads of wee bits but no massive ridiculousness this year.

    1. Getting an Ipad is sooo much better! Even if you did buy games, you could get good ones for about £2.00. The Dr Panda ones I got, were only £1.67.Imogen is going to be excited this Christmas! :-D


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