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July 24th 2013.

I will always remember that date. The  excitement of buying new clothes, shoes and makeup,then the  struggle to fit it all into our 15 kg allowance suitcase and 5 kg hand luggage, two hour train journeys onto two hour flights. This was the date I went to Ibiza.
The infamous Ibiza egg in the centre of San Antonio

We landed in Ibiza at 2:40 am and after collecting our luggage it was only a short transfer to the hotel,Piscis Park. Now, when we booked our hotel we all did the obligatory thing of reading reviews on TripAdvisor, and we were worried about the theft that seemed to be mentioned in 7/10 posts. However, I will offer my own opinion on the hotel as I personally didn't deem it to be that bad at all.


Directed to the lifts, which were the size of a very small broom cupboard we proceeded to take the lifts two at a time. The scariest thing happened as Kelila and I got into the lift. At first it wouldn't move, the doors kept opening and then just as we were about to give up, it moved....then stopped. The doors opened and we were face to face with a blank brick wall, no way out! Thankfully, the lift 'readjusted' itself and took us to the floor we were needed to be on.

 As there was six of us we had six rooms, and although we initially asked for all of our rooms to be on the same floor, this wasn't the case. Instead we got two rooms on the second floor and one on the third and told we wouldn't be able to change it until the morning. There were also no remote controls available for the air conditioning and were told once again to wait until the morning. We just about melted that first night.

A few other times we tried the lift and it wouldn't move, often we would go up and down the stairs and see the same people from on our way up still standing in the lift as the doors open and close but remain rooted on the ground floor.
Piscis Park Hotel

  • Tip- Don't use the lift

Our room was very basic, a twin room with two beds, claustrophobic bathroom, a table, a bench and two side dressers. But hey! It was somewhere to sleep at night, the door closed and we didn't get bitten by mosquitoes.

  • Tip- Get a safe. We had a near break in, where some drunk idiot in the room next door jumped onto our balcony and tried to get into the room. Our door was locked, thank God, but for peace of mind, get a safe and lock doors at all times. 
  • Tip- If you want a sun lounger by the pool, you will have to be ready and waiting before 10 am. We never made it.

Basic Hotel room


The reps will try anything to get you to buy tickets. Our Reps came into the room on our first morning after breakfast and we brought four events. My thoughts on this would be to hold off buying from the reps unless you really want to go to one of the events that they are offering as more often than not, you can buy tickets for cheaper elsewhere.

One of the reps also tried to scare us into believing that she had something important to tell us that she couldn't say to us in front of anyone else. We were all worried, and thinking up all sorts of scenarios, only for her and her rep partner to come into the room and try to sell us tickets to a festival at butlins. We were not impressed at all.

  • Tip- Reps can be misleading

Nightlife and day events

We lived for soul city. Free entry and such a good party vibe. If you enjoy R'n'B & Hip Hop you will be well on your way for dancing the night away.  We also went to an Afro beats event at Itaca.

One of the events that I loved was the Hed Kandi boat party with DJ Barry. On first appearances, it looked like there would only be eleven of us on the boat and we felt a bit disheartened. However, when life gives you lemons you gotta make lemonade, and not only did we make lemonade we made ice pops, cakes and slush puppies with those lemons and had the best time!

Hed Kandi champagne cocktail

I will always remember the boat party, the care free vibe of everyone dancing, all worries and stresses forgotten as we danced until the sun set and it was time to return to shore.

Dj Barry

We didn't do the main zoo project party, but one that the reps put on at the abandoned zoo called candy.  The zoo is amazing, Selina and I immediately  found a nice spot in the shade on one of the pool beds and just soaked it all in with a burger and lemonade. Once the pool closed, we headed to the seal pit, to dance as DJ Barry once again, played the best summer music.

Seal Pit

The summer song of choice in Ibiza was Robin Thicke's- Blurred lines, it played everywhere at least once.
Ocean Beach Club with Wayne Liniker

Another good event was the Ocean beach pool party where we were able to take pictures with Wayne Liniker from The only way is Essex.
Soul city, soul soul city!

  • Tip- Be careful of the 'ladies of the night' who stand ready to prey on the drunk and lonely. 


Reggae Reggae Beach

The beach across from our hotel is apparently man made and it showed, the water wasn't clean and the sand not as pure as when we ventured out to Reggae Reggae beach or Bora Bora.

Reggae Reggae is beautiful, although I think the locals believe that we were disturbing there 'hideaway' and asked us why so many Londoners were on the beach. ( He didn't ask as politely as that)

  •  Tip- Hold on to your hats on the water taxis.They might get blown away.


Wok's across the road from the Pisces Park Hotel does the most tastiest Chinese food for fifteen euros, and a takeaway tub for only five euros. We ate here twice and had a takeaway once, if we return we will definitely be returning. The owner even gave us free shots on our last day. Brilliant.


My first girls holiday was good fun and I am looking forward to booking the next one with my girls. As you would expect with a group of six girls we didn't all agree on what we should be doing at all times, but by the end, it all came down to letting it all go and remember that we were all there for a good time.

Until next time Ibiza

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