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Book Review: Perfect People


Peter James had me at the title.

In a world where every other person is surgically enhanced or plucked and pruned until they no longer recognise their own reflection, I was intrigued.

This novel is the result of ten years of research and planning and although I am not used to the scientific descriptions used in the book,  I wholeheartedly believed the concept and the portrayal of the situations that unfolded throughout.

Perfect People tells the story of John and Naomi who have tragically lost their first born to a rare genetic disorder passed on by both parents. Keen to avoid such a fate with any other children, they seek the help of geneticist Dr Leo Dettore who has a rather unique method of ensuring that their unborn child is 'perfect'.

The couple get what they paid for...and more and their lives descend into a complex maze of understanding what has been created and how to control it.

Peter James is an exceptional writer and definately has the gift to keep you engaged from the first word right through until the end. My only one objective is that I did get slightly confused when the narrative switched to that of the religious objectors who are against Dettore and I did find it a bit heavy going at times, but otherwise the plot progresses smoothly, right up until the brilliant ending.

The ending of the book is unbelievable. There are moments when you read a novel and can quickly suss out what will happen or how it will end; but with Perfect People I could never have guessed the ending and I had to re-read it more than once as I was in such shock.

I recommend this book and even if you don't enjoy it, it will definitely make you think. I love books which leave you pondering long after the last chapter. 

Rating: 4/5

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