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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A world of pure imagination: Believing in make believe

As we near the end of August many will dread the return of the darker evenings and the chilly
autumn bite on the napes of our necks that we fight away with woolly hats, chunky knitted
scarves and hot chocolates in our favourite novelty mugs.....

September skips by with school children at its heels wearing brand new uniforms and shiny black shoes, anxious mums riddled with first day nerves and relieved dads, thankful they made it through the six weeks holiday

October with it's fallen leaves, trick or treats and bobbing apples

Shy November not one for fuss makes way for its neighbour….

December, when good 'ole Saint Nick will be bestowing gifts , candy canes will decorate Christmas trees and festive songs will serenade us as we go about our daily chores

December, the month when parents drink the milk left for Santa, leave a trail of cookie crumbs and nibble the carrot left for Rudolph. The month that parents become Father Christmas….

Throughout the year parents take on new roles as we use our imagination and creativity to become the tooth fairy, Easter bunny and many other fictional characters

We create Easter egg hunts, fill stockings and tiptoe into rooms, careful not to wake our little ones with feet that are not quite as nimble as a tooth fairy's

Growing up I loved when Father Christmas left a handwritten letter and that the tooth fairy never  missed a tooth. I  was quite saddened on the day that I realised that none of these fictional characters were real.

Fast forward and along comes Lei and I couldn’t wait to re-live the magic that I so believed in.

One problem: I have a daughter who questions EVERYTHING!


Lei: Mummy how will Santa know I'm at nanny's?
Me: Oh he knows everything 
Lei: How does Santa get all the presents?
Lei: But we don't have that thing Santa goes down?
Lei: Mummy is Santa pretend?
Me: ................................

Tooth fairy

Lei: Mum, are you the tooth fairy?
Me: Um.....
After watching an episode of Once Upon a Time
Lei: Mum is the blue fairy real?
Lei: I was just wondering if she could be the tooth fairy.....

Is it fair to completely confess that none of it is real when I know that Lei, despite her many questions, still loves to place her tooth under her pillow in anticipation for the tooth fairy and that at Christmas, she will hang her stocking up and try her hardest not to fall asleep so as to catch Santa bringing her gifts. So for me no, I will keep playing make believe until Lei stops believing, after all being Santa is a serious job.....

What is your approach for confessing that the Easter bunny/tooth fairy/ Santa is not real?
Do your children still believe? Let me know in the comments below :-)

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Life after Frozen....


Anna and Elsa

Their names are said as though they are old friends, if they knocked on your door, they would be greeted with warm smiles and copious amounts of hot drinks. After all, our little princess' and prince's have been singing 'let it go' continuously, your spotify last played track is only ever from that soundtrack and as you stir your morning coffee, you find yourself absentmindedly asking yourself if you can build snowmen.

Your house has frozen fever!

The songs are on loop and your life has been turned into a frozen wonderland- mugs, plates,cutlery, dolls, roller skates, linen and furniture.......

Every single item is inspired by the latest craze!


But what happens when the ice thaws and the new 'in' thing has taken over your wallpapers? Do you strip the walls and start from scratch, just to do it again in another 2-3 years time?

I learnt the hard way.

When Lei was younger, she loved Peppa pig.

I loved Peppa pig!

 ....And like a magpie to silver, every Peppa covered item was added to the evergrowing collection of  box sets, various stuffed Peppa toys, bedding and regrettably a Peppa Pig book shelf and toy basket holder thingy-me- bob!

I say regrettably because now Lei has outgrown Peppa, and Peppa doesn't age, so while I have a six year old who loves singing along to Frozen one week and then binge watches Fireman Sam while she hums songs from Matilda the musical the next; Peppa and her ever-growing merchandise is timeless and not getting a look in.

Bookshelf I brought for Lei- similiar*
Now if I had to buy furniture to match the latest television programmes or movies Lei is into on a weekly basis, I wouldn't be able to keep up.

No one told me to just stick to a theme that would grow with my little one, soft pinks and quirky purples, all would have been fine; but then would I have listened?

 Honestly, no.

I too, as I said became besotted with the sassy little piglet and spared no thought to the fact that one day my little princess will not be 2 ½ anymore and that she will one day not want to use her back packs anymore because of Peppa's  face dominating the front!

 According to Lei : ' Peppa is for babies, next time mummy can I have a bag with a cat.!”

Cue, Hello Kitty! *sigh*

There is nothing wrong in buying character bits and bobs for our little ones, I hold my hands up for being guilty of following the trend. But where I am now drawing the line, is in going to town with every single item from that characters line of gifts and products.

Children grow and their preferences and style change everyday as they get older and more in tune with their personalities

Today's Frozen is tomorrows Minions...

What are your thoughts? Are you now stuck with various character themed items as your child moves onto the next craze?

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Confessions: Reality of the weekly food shop

You open the fridge.

Milk, 3 eggs and a limp cucumber that's oozing some unsavoury liquid.

There is nothing to eat. In the entire house there is nothing.

A decision based solely on looking in the fridge.


The freezer got bypassed, it's so full your playing frozen veg jenga every time you open it to get an ice lolly.

The cupboards?

 Well, the cupboards are full to bursting and if you add any more tins of baked beans onto it's manic shelves it might just fart in protest!

But no, there is nothing.

So you write a list, only the basics you tell yourself....Milk, bread, eggs and cheese oh and those nando sachets thingies to recreate a 'cheeky' chicken dinner.

So with your list in one hand and determination to stick to the list etched into your brain, you head out to your nearest supermarket.

It is busy, always so busy....

Trolley or basket, trolley or basket..... so many decisions before you've even walked through the doors! You opt for a trolley a decision you will regret on your way out.

The store workers are packing the shelves whilst the customers are shopping causing everyone to play musical trolleys with unstable looking crates, pushchairs carting overgrown children and grandmas with their mobility trolleys.


You made it through the first four aisles, but during your trolley dodging and saying hello to old friends stocking up on digestive biscuits, you haven't noticed that your own trolley is half full!

How? When? Who did that? #wasn'tme

My own two items only shop!

  • Two for the price of one- Two boxes of Porridge
  •  Buy one get one free-  Yay! more socks!
  •  25p off cat food-You don't have a cat.Whose cat you gonna feed?Your allergic to cats! 

 Every opportunity and bargain is used to fill your trolley.
 "Oooooh apple cutters, egg timers and bottle openers are on sale," Buy them and add them to the three of each you already have at home.

All of which are:

Unopened. In the box. Slightly dusty. #bargainhoarderhunter

The trolley is getting harder to push, your shopping list is scrunched up and stuck together with your stale chewing gum.

Unreadable and now completely irrelevant.

100 items.

Well done, you are now fully stocked

Until next week.......


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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday Favourites:Great British bake off, Baking, Music and new reads

I was inspired

The bakers had gathered, Madeira cakes created and black forest cakes triumphed (or failed) in the infamous bake off tent. A tent,  I shall assume was basking in the sweet aroma of baked goods.

I wanted that. In my kitchen. At that very moment.

So, I picked up my handbag and like a woman on a mission I headed out to the shops....I knew what I wanted, and for my luck I got five for the price of a pound. My special ingredient?


I was so pleased with myself, until I realised that the banana cake**  was not going to happen, because in  my excitement, I realised that I only had bananas!


All was not lost, I rang my brother to get me the missing ingredients.

I am not by no means a baking goddess but with the help of the inter web I was able to source a recipe for my cake.

It went down a treat, although the only ones who tested it were my family, so they could just be being biased!Ha ha

I am currently reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn- so far I am enjoying it, I have heard it is meant to be as good a Gone Girl, whether or not this is true, I will see when I finish reading it(before the movie release). I will post a review, once I've finished.


This song. This video. So many feels in 3:02 minutes!

Although it is a  recreation,I am loving this version and have it on repeat. It is also the most romantic video and certainly tugs on the heart strings because the couple 'playing' a couple in the video are actually together in real life and she is deaf and her partner learnt sign language for her. Beautiful.

 Fashion, beauty, hairstyles, honest and close to the heart posts are all what I have been enjoying over on Kelila's blog. Check out her  latest blogpost over on : kelilajade.blogspot.com 

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Monday, 3 August 2015

What will be, will be: Que sera, sera

The test is positive, but with that all you have to confirm that in nine months time you will be joining the hood of the mothers, it can feel as though it can't be true.

But it is true, you have been knighted, and the mothers welcome you with open arms, ice cream for your cravings and your baby's first selfie in the form of a scan. 

The picture is scrutinised  you sit comparing both scan pictures, guessing and wondering if it's a pretty in pink girl or baby blue boy.

A list of names are written and you add and remove names so many times that you despair and wonder whether the baby, now turning somersaults in your stomach will just be called *babylove forever.

Nearly time, and your so excited, so many questions, so little time:

  • Will the baby look like, mummy, daddy, great-uncle Albert?
  • Whose nose will she/he have? Are you praying to  God to let it be yours?!
  • Lots of hair or no hair.
  • How will you cope if she/he has teeth? do you brush them? who do you ask? tooth fairy?
 D-Day has arrived!

None of the names on your list suit your baby and she looks like her daddy after all.

Your baby is perfect.

These were all the feelings I had before I had Lei, and I find that as she gets older, I often sit and wonder what she will be like and who she will look like the most in her teenager and adult years, thoughts my own mother must have had when I was little 'un.

On an afternoon rummage through some pictures, my mum and I found a picture of Lei aged 2 and one of myself aged 8 months and the resemblance is uncanny, I would love to find one of my mum at around the same age to compare, but for now, I am just cherishing Lei's growth and development whether she looks like her daddy or myself, she will always be my beautiful bubba.

Add caption

Who does your little one resemble?

*Lei's baby bump name ( haha!)


Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Tribute: Rest in Peace Grandad

My handsome grandad in his younger, healthier days

My grandad had prostate cancer

A secret battle he fought so hard

He remained positive and optimistic until the very end, when on the 11th of July 2015 my grandad was called to heaven

I know we can't all live forever,my grandad would often tell me so himself, but I never thought I would have to say goodbye to the person I love the most, a constant firgue in my life whether we were near or far.

I lived with my grandparents for ten years in the caribbean and whilst here in England, I still spoke to my nanny and grandad everyweek, without fail.

Grandad would ask about my education, give me advice and later when I had Lei, would always ask how she was, how she was getting on at school and if she was a little lady like her nanny.

No Birthdays were forgotten, despite secretly battling cancer and having days where he couldn't get out of bed. A card was always sent, whether it be a month before or month later after the day itself and always signed : To Jade, from Utina and Ivan ( Nanny and Grandad)

I miss my grandad more than words can explain
I miss his sense of humour, his knowledge and intelligence
I'll miss his smile and I'll even miss him asking me for tooth picks after every meal or snack to clean his teeth.

Grandad, I know your at peace now, no more pain, no more suffering and I am extremly thankful that I had you for my grandad. I am thankful that we have so many loving and cherished memories together.

I will never forget you and my love for you will have no end.

Do not cry little darlyn, is what you'd say, it might be hard but I will try, I have to be strong because that's all you ever were.

I love you Grandad, rest in peace

Rest always in peace

My Grandad had 7 children, 20 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren

My nanny is the strongest woman I know, she gives us all strength


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Seriously awkward: Happy birthday sweet sixteen

Happy birthday sweet sixteen, sixteen candles, have a birthday wish
Exams are over, grades no concern as you skip on out with your shirt untucked
Happy Birthday sweet sixteen
Awkward cvs to get a job
No replies, you feel disheartened, cheer yourself up with a barcardi breezer
No drinking until your 18 but your 16 and breaking the rules

You smoke because he says so, flirt with boys because she says so
Curfews ignored, it's just not fair, your the only one in by 8
You plot, you lie, you know it's not right but buying a fake id is just fun right?

Noone understands, you feel so alone
So many conflicts going through your head: You want to be slim, you wish you could sing, you want to not be so seriously awkward.

Dear sweet sixteen
Sixteen is tough, you feel misunderstood and confused wondering when oh when this awkward stage will pass.........

Seriously awkward audio recording
The Children's society seriously awkward campaign is calling on the government  to change the law to protect 16 and 17 year olds from abuse and negelect

  • The majority of parents feel life is harder today for teenagers than when they were young.
  • One in three 16 and 17 year olds has faced sleepless nights due to worry in the last year.
  • One in three 16 and 17 year olds frequently feel anxious and a quarter frequently feel sad.
  • One in ten 16 and 17 year olds admit they feel pressure to do things that could leave them at risk such as taking drugs, drinking alcohol or spending time with people they don’t feel comfortable with.
  • 70% of this age group do not describes themselves as ‘streetwise’
  • Two thirds of 16 and 17 year olds feel judged just for being a teenager.
  • The Children’s Society estimate that half a million 16 and 17 year olds in the UK face particular risk of harm because they are already dealing with issues such as poverty, poor health or a lack of supportive relationships.
  • A teenager has to be under 16 to be protected by laws on child cruelty and neglect.
  • Three quarters of parents believe 16 and 17 year olds are still children and should be protected from harm – but the law is dangerously inconsistent in this area.

At 16,I (like many teenagers today)  put on a HUGE front that I was capable of doing things all on my own and that I was streetwise and savvy because I caught the bus on my own every morning. When in reality, I still needed to be looked after and be made to to feel safe and protected, which is why I'm proud to be a Campaign ambassador for The Children's Society, tackling issues very close to my heart.


*Awkward disclamer: Barcardi Breezer as a company and brand does not encourage underage drinking
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