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Monday, 16 January 2017

Don't Miss Out on Visiting These Places Before You Have Kids

Having children is the most wonderful experience of your life. It's difficult and can drive you crazy, but it's also amazing, and most parents wouldn't give it up for the world. However, there's no hiding that having kids makes some things more difficult. It doesn't necessarily make anything impossible, but it does mean some things you might want to do would be very hard or just very different. Travel is one of the things that changes a lot once you have kids. You have to think about your travels very differently when you take little ones along. Before you have kids, there are some places you should see. While you can visit with your children too, the experience will be very different.


 Australia is a hugely popular choice for young adults who want to experience life somewhere different. There are several reasons for this. The first is that you can get a working holiday visa for a year and, if you meet the criteria, renew it for another year too. Of course, there's also the weather and the laidback lifestyle of the country. You can visit Australia as a family, but long haul flights are expensive. If you go before having kids, you have the opportunity to experience really living there, instead of just visiting for a short while.


Thailand is another destination that you will find is packed with young adults, as well as travellers of all different types. There are lots of ways to see the country, but it does have a reputation as the place to be for people who like to party. If you want to spend your time raving when you're away, you need to do it before you have kids. There are also some great opportunities to volunteer in Thailand, which you can't really do when you have your children in tow. It's very much a single person experience, or perhaps something you do with a group of friends.



The US is a great place to go as a family. You can experience it in lots of different ways, from going to Disney World to taking a family road trip. But there's no denying that it's completely different if you go before having a family. Whether you go alone, as a couple or with some friends, there are so many ways to explore this vast country. You can take a road trip without having to worry about the comfort of kids. You can visit Disney World without having to queue for the baby rides or rush to the toilet at any given moment.

The World

If you want to cover a lot of ground when you travel, doing it without kids is best. There are some families who travel long distances and stay on the road for a while without stopping. They educate their children as they go and do things their way. But for most families, this would be a difficult thing to do. If you want to do a round-the-world trip, it's best done when you're child-free.

Travelling with your kids is tonnes of fun, but there are some things you should do before you have them. Get some of your travelling out of the way if you don't want to wait until retirement to do it.


Jade Priscilla

Friday, 13 January 2017

How to get free makeup samples

Leaning against the wall in the bathroom, I would watch my mum get ready for work. She would carefully style her hair and then apply her makeup- never alot, a bit of powder, eyeliner and lipgloss but I would watch in amazement as she put eyeliner on her waterline a task that looked at the time so scary. I vowed to never do the same. Well...fastforward and eyeliner is one of my makeup bag staples and I love applying makeup whether for fun, a meal out, school run or work.

There are so many makeup products on the market that it is hard to know which ones are the best. Buying them all would be a huge expense that very few people can afford. So instead of splurging and not liking a product, I have been looking into ways to try before I buy and have decided to use free makeup samples to try out new brands and see what I like!

I have included some information which will help my fellow makeup lovers learn how to get free makeup samples from both well-known and lesser known brands. Some of the samples are delivered directly to your door, while others require that you go to a local store and pick them up. In some cases, you may be able to get a full-sized product at no cost to you!

There are lots of samples that you can score at no cost to you, but I think makeup is particularly useful. You can try new products without spending any money, so you know what you want to buy going forward. When you actively try and get free samples, you can fill up your drawers with lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and even foundation. You'll have a new product for every occasion and that for me is a bonus!

Getting Samples By Mail

Getting free makeup samples sent to you by mail is convenient and easy. All you have to do is send in a request! The Internet is your best resource; there are sites that list all the free samples they can find, and those sites are updated regularly. If you are interested in other products, like magazines or food, you can often find those as well.

It is difficult to get makeup samples, but if you keep checking, you should be able to find some. Just make sure to look each day.

Getting Samples At The Store

Whenever you visit your favorite store, inquire as to whether they have any free makeup samples available. Chances are that you will walk out with quite a few products!

Department stores, in particular, often like to give out free samples. However, you can generally get them from any place that has makeup, so there is no harm in asking. Since you are already at the store, you can even get a makeover, if you would like, to see if there are new products that look good on you. The store may even send you home with some samples so you can evaluate your choices before you purchase them.

Getting Samples From Test Groups

Some test groups will give you the chance to try out new makeup. After you evaluate the product and send in your ideas, you can typically keep the makeup you were reviewing.

One option is the L'Oreal Consumer Participation Panel. The surveys generally don't take up much of your time, and you get a full size product to enjoy when you are finished.

The PF Buzz program, by Physician's Formula, is another option. You are also able to keep the products when you are done trying them out.

Getting Samples With Your Order

When buying makeup samples over the Internet, you can usually get free samples shipped to you 

And there you have it! Let me know what makeup samples you managed to grab!


Jade Priscilla 

Monday, 9 January 2017

Would you wear pyjamas to the supermarket?


Growing up, when I came home from school I would always get told to change into my 'home clothes' and i would. This would usually be something comfortable that I could easily play a good game of rounders’ in. As I've gotten older the same ethos still stands, as you know from my relaxation post as soon as I walk through the door, there is nothing I enjoy more than a hot shower or bath and the comfort of soft fabric on my skin usually in the form of mixed matched pjs or a woolly fleece thing with a hood that I wear all year round- cosy is always my aim and I will seek it always. I am known to return from the school run and put my pjs back on, only taking them off to do the afternoon school pickup.

Now, as much as I love my slippers and cosy comforts would I go shopping in them? Does it offend me to see others in nightwear as they stroll through the fruit and veg aisle?

My answer is NO and NO

I read an article online of a customer complaining to Tesco about shoppers buying their groceries in their pjs, this customer called for a ban as it made him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. 

Now, if customers were shopping in their underwear, I would feel embarrassed because for me that is inappropriate. But to feel that way over fluffy pjs and a dressing gown is completely ridiculous. I mean of course, judgement will be passed because this is the world we live in but as long as no crimes are being committed and these people are minding their business and paying for their shopping just like every other Jack and Jill dressed in tops and trousers or whatever is deemed ‘appropriate’

I personally would not succumb to wearing an onesie whilst doing the weekly shop and boy oh boy believe me when I say I would love nothing more than to check off my shopping list whilst wrapped up warm in a dressing gown, but I couldn’t. I would be embarrassed to do so and that is the key- If the people wearing the pjs are not embarrassed then high five, go girl, ten points for you.

A supermarket in Cardiff did implement a ban for wearing sleepwear in the store and even if we find it extreme and over the top we have to respect rules and regulations. We wouldn’t walk onto a building site that says to wear a safety helmet without one and we would adhere to a nightclubs dress code so if the rules- rules sounds so regimented but if this is in place and we know that access would be denied then we have to abide by this. I mean who wants to go through the hassle of getting all dressed up only to be turned away for wearing the wrong footwear on a night out. The same applies for the supermarket, if there are no rules in place then wear what you want but it really isn’t worth the stress of having to return home to change out of pjs all for a pint of milk.

Have you worn your sleepwear to the supermarket? Would you?


Jade Priscilla

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